Experts have unraveled the secret of centenarians


Специалисты разгадали секрет долгожителейExperts have noticed a certain peculiarity.

The secret of longevity and the reason why centenarians do not lose their cognitive abilities for a long time trying to unravel many scientists. Modern science links brain aging and its negative consequences with neural mutations. Recently, experts at northwestern University in Chicago found out that the preservation of the mind in old age contributes to the high number of spindle-shaped neurons.

A special feature of the brain of the aged, preserving cognitive abilities in deep old age, is associated with a rare type of enlarged brain cells, called neurons von Economo. Education data, activities in the cerebral cortex, capable of high speed to transmit information and to provide a direct connection between its distant regions.

According to research, the formation of fusiform neurons in humans begins only with the 35th week of life in the womb. At the moment of birth there are more than 15% of the final number, however the next 8 months, a baby is their rapid development in the brain of 4-year-old child fusiform neurons formed in the form in which they remain into adulthood.

Analyzing the content of the enlarged cells in centenarians, the American experts have noticed a certain feature – they have the number of neurons von Economo was significantly higher than their 20-year-old opponents. In the brain of men 50-60 years plot the location of the fusiform neurons was much thinner than that of the centenarians.

At this time, fails to unravel the peculiarity of the formation of thickened brain cells, capable, as it turned out, not only to prolong human life, but also to keep his memory and thinking in full clarity. Understanding of the processes in the neurons of von Economo, experts believe, will help to cure many neurodegenerative disorders in the elderly.


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