Experts have predicted that waiting for artificial intelligence in the future


Специалисты спрогнозировали, что ждет искусственный интеллект в будущем Called 6 trends in the development of AI is machine intelligence.

Already, the growth of productivity through artificial intelligence is estimated at 6.6 trillion dollars, and growing consumer demand – 9.1 trillion.

A little bit about how the AI works and how it can be already at our life.

1. Become popular multifunction home work
They help with cleaning, cooking and other household chores, freeing our time for working or relaxing, and that’s cool. But, on the other hand, these works are deprived of work of housekeepers, plumbers, chefs and people from many other disciplines, increasing the unemployment rate.

However, if one day decide to take over the world, to hide from the heap household helpers will be very difficult.

2. People will start to build a relationship with artificial intelligence
Many people find it hard to have a relationship with human beings, and someone, for example, the lonely and the elderly, just want a little companionship. So the idea is to bind to artificial intelligence, if it is to think of it, does not seem so wild. Moreover, if the artificial intelligence adapts to his master.

Already there are robotic animals, such as dogs or small seals, handed out in nursing homes. For single people also invented a gadget that simulates having a girlfriend: sending a text with questions when you get home and include in your coming light.

But we must not forget that the proliferation of these bots could have a big impact on the communication skills with real people. So if you have the opportunity to spend time with a person and not a bot, it should be used.

3. Smart search engine will help you to configure the people
They are very convenient for us … and give a great opportunity to learn all about you: what are you going to buy a gift friends are, what movies they watch, whom to call.

Today, this information is used to improve the effectiveness of advertising, but there is a danger that this dataset will be in the hands of criminals.

Although denied the advantages would be foolish. For example, such systems allow to conduct a quick analysis of the patient’s symptoms, taking into account all the nuances of his biography to accurately and quickly determine the diagnosis.

4. Robots soldiers “to die” instead of people
It is too early to say when will people understand that war is bad. But in the near future, you can at least get to fight robots, not living people. Considering that the cost of technology is constantly decreasing, for sure there will come a time when it will be cheaper than to keep the soldier-people: pay them a salary, buy uniforms and food.
And work, perfectly replace humans in heavy and dangerous work in the mines, in space, on the territory contaminated after the accident at the nuclear power plant.

5. Artificial intelligence will take over the management of
No matter, car, Bank, purchase of goods for the store. Disappear what we call the “human factor” errors that sometimes happen due to the fact that something the person did not consider. Control system artificial intelligence reliable people, they are working through the information and make decisions faster, produce less faults, have no emotions, they cannot be bribed.

However, it often happens that the risk is justified, and artificial intelligence to take risks can not. He makes a decision based on data and decisions are based on logic. It may be that such decisions will not always be correct. Although the number of errors will certainly decrease.

This category can be attributed to the programs to predict the future. For example, calculating the probability of committing crimes one way or another person. But again, the AI does not take into account that people can make spontaneous decisions. So completely exclude a person from the management process is unlikely.

6. Implantation of an artificial intellect in humans
Perhaps the most controversial and dangerous topic. So, when Google is in our heads, life will be much easier.
But at the same time, people will become incredibly vulnerable. This topic is partly raised in the book by Kurt Vonnegut “Sirens of Titan”. The book is not about artificial intelligence, but there’s a scene in which the well is shown as embedded in the head chips can affect people’s behavior.

People suggestibility – with the help of advertising and propaganda, and if you’ll be able to download some information directly into the brain, this could be the end of freedom of choice.

Artificial intelligence is just a technology, by itself it cannot be good or bad. Apply it for the benefit or harm only the people. This is our responsibility, not only to us but to future generations.


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