Experts have listed the most useless automotive features


Эксперты перечислили самые бесполезные автомобильные функции Some additional options is a waste of money.

Specialists have conducted research and compiled a rating of the technologies that are embedded in the vehicle and absolutely useless because of their imperfection.

The results of the audits, in the first place in the list includes the system of “through traffic lane”. It was developed with a purpose to prevent automobile accidents and to assist the driver when he was distracted from the road, to stay in a given band. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone, and sometimes even a hindrance. This is due to the fact that many motorists, when you rebuild, remember to include a signal indicator.

The following line belongs to the adaptive cruise control of the vehicle. Almost every modern vehicle is equipped with it. Have been very rare. First, most often forget about it. Second, on short distances it is useless. Thirdly, in the cities and on the roads, now traffic that uniform motion is not.

Third place rightfully went to the function “detection of the traffic sign”. The drivers use it even less than the cruise control. Rather, it is designed for very inattentive motorists.

Closes the list of useless systems installed in vehicles, entertainment system, manipulated by means of gesture or voice. Very often the camera captures a casual wave of the hand, runs some function, absolutely necessary at the time. The voice control system mainly recognizes only the English language, or limited to the number of strict teams.


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