Experts have identified the reasons that can cause coughing


Специалисты определили причины, которые могут вызывать кашель

Often, the appearance of cough was not associated with respiratory diseases. Doctors determined the 5 most common diseases, accompanied by cough.


In the presence of the disease is the reflux of food from the stomach or 12-duodenum into the esophagus. Most often the disease is manifested by heartburn, a burning sensation “in the stomach”. The appearance of cough in man in the supine position — is a characteristic symptom of this disease.

2. Heart failure, coronary artery disease

The occurrence of seizures dry cough after physical or emotional stress , should be the reason for going to the therapist.

3. Worms

A dry cough, a burning sensation behind the breastbone during deep breaths, indicate infestation of the body with trichinosis, toxocariasis, ascariasis.

4. Neurosis

Often perenervnichala people have so-called psychological cough. For example, the late person, you may receive a cough suspense.

5. Sulfuric tube

Irritating the skin of the ear canal, waxy build-up can cause coughing. Timely cleansing of the ears of cerumen — will save you from nejnyh problems.


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