Experts have found a link between diabetes and poverty


Эксперты обнаружили связь между диабетом и бедностьюThe relationship is really very close.

The journal PLOS ONE has published data, obtained by canadian scientists, indicating that the increased risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type is closely correlated with the ability of people to afford regular meals of healthy foods. Researchers believe that we need to admit the connection of diseases with growing food insecurity of people because of their poverty.

“People who can’t afford to eat regularly or to eat healthy food more than two times increased risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type. The need to eat cheaper, high-calorie foods contributes to weight gain and risk of chronic diseases,” — said, in particular, the authors of the publication, the staff of the school of public health dalla Lana at the University of Toronto.

These experts analyzed data from the national survey of health status, which also includes the information for almost 12 years observations of men and women over the age of 18. This analysis showed that the food insecurity in the family (that is, the inability to purchase healthy, high quality foods) increased the risk of developing diabetes is 2.4 times, and when accounting for obesity this risk is increased in 2 times.

The researchers note that people living in poor neighborhoods, have no such benchmark, as security in the food – they consume more foods with low nutritional value, which is more affordable for them. It frequent consumption of fast food and processed food turns out to be a significant factor in the development of obesity, 2 diabetes type, high level of cholesterol in the blood.

Experts in nutrition recommend to maintain health on a regular basis eat fresh fruits and vegetables, skim milk, lean meats and foods low in sodium. Scientists believe that the purchase of the “right” products should be subsidized by the authorities – this will help prevent a rapid increase in the incidence of diabetes of the 2nd type and obesity observed today. Otherwise, the lack of healthy food will increasingly be felt as a considerable social and medical problem.


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