Experts have estimated the minimum cost of shipping a car from Germany


Специалисты подсчитали минимальную стоимость доставки авто из Германии For delivery was selected Dacia Logan II MCV Laureate.

From Kiev Igor Borsyuk, who had ordered the other day from Germany Dacia Logan II MCV Laureate, shared with the costing, how much it cost this company.

“The challenge was to spend the minimum, including on the road. So I had it all planned even before the trip to the last cent” — told us Igor Borsyuk.

So what eventually came out:
tickets WizzAir “Kiev — Memmingen” – 35 Euro;
– train ticket day “Baden — Wuerttemberg” – 24 Euro (this includes the ticket for the bus “Airport — railway station, Memmingen” and the bus station Heidenheim the dealership;
– electronic export insurance for 14 days – 59 € ;
registration + rooms – 61 Euro;
– tax — 0.18 Euro;
– omyvayki for Windows 5 litres canister – EUR 1.99;
– selection of + examination + registration 320 euros;
petrol from the dealership to Kiev – EUR 120 (115 liters);
– overnight in a hostel in the Czech Republic with Breakfast – 15 Euro;
– overnight stay in hostel in Lviv with Breakfast – 13 Euro;
– water and snack in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine – 30 euros.
Total: 679,17 euros.

About the car:
White Dacia Logan II MCV Laureate 2015 V. — 5200 euros. Mileage 31 thousand km With climate control and good configuration. The machine new — done 2 thousand miles ago. The only thing on simple disks, but the seller gave 2 sets of tires.


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