Experts have debunked the major myths about skin health


Эксперты развенчали главные мифы о здоровье кожиExperts-dermatologists talked about some ideas of healthy skin is actually not justified.

The skin was healthy, it should be carefully looked after – this axiom seems to know everything. But the idea of caring. Experts-dermatologists talked about some ideas of healthy skin is actually not justified.

Myth 1. About two liters of water. The assertion that the habit to drink daily two liters of water makes the skin more smooth and fresh, not true. According to scientists, there is a certain amount of water that should be consumed for this purpose. It all depends on the degree of hydration or dehydration of the body. At low water the skin can become dull and unhealthy, that’s true. But if there is dehydration, the additional intake of water will not make your code better.

Myth 2. Chocolate causes acne. In fact it is not. Blackheads are the result of reactions of the organism to hormonal changes, clogged pores and bacteria. Blame it on the chocolate in the health problems of the skin just not worth it.

Myth 3. Washing powder provokes eczema. Different detergents, as experts explain, can really irritate sensitive to some components of the skin. But eczema is an acute inflammatory skin disease, the occurrence of which is due to a combination of genetic factors and environmental influences.

Myth 4. White spots on the nails – not enough calcium. Of course, calcium is important for healthy skin and nails, but the white spots mean more. These marks usually appear when damage to the matrix from which the nail grows. If such damage (for example, as a result of the injury) the accumulation of air in the growing nail, you will notice a white dot or a dash.

Myth 5. The skin gets used to the cream. You hear this statement often, but it’s just physically impossible. If the cream stopped working so changed, first of all, the characteristics of the skin – e.g. hormonal difference, stress, weather changes, or lifestyle.


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