Experts have debunked popular myths about fitness


Эксперты развенчали популярные мифы о фитнесеTo achieve spectacular results during the fitness workouts are not all.

A healthy lifestyle broke into the life of modern man and for several years considered the most fashionable. People who want to live longer and not suffer from age-related illnesses, moving to a system of proper nutrition, refuse from bad habits and, of course, sports.

The most popular form of physical activity is fitness. But in society there are so many myths about it that many just are not able to achieve the desired results.

Experts denied ten common misconceptions about fitness:

1. Drink water only when thirsty. During exercise the body loses a lot of fluid, but because fitness trainers suggest every 15 minutes to drink 100-150 ml of water.

2. By running it is possible to form beautiful figure. This is untrue, as during the run along with fat lost and muscle mass increases it except for the leg calf. So if you want a beautiful and proportionate figure, to run you need to connect more Pilates, weight training, yoga, Boxing and so on.

3. After the workout is already over 1.5 hours. In no case do such breaks are not worth it. Experts suggest there is 30 minutes after the workout to follow the schedule of meals “every three hours”.

4. To make the “cubes” you need to swing press. This exercise necessarily to run, but it is not enough in order to gain relief stomach.

5. In the morning, it is not necessary to do fitness. In fact, fitness in the morning is a chance to spend a lot of extra fat, as after sleep the body’s energy there is no power it will draw from fat reserves.

6. It is impossible to starve. Starve yourself, of course, impossible, but the interval fasting is very useful for metabolism and weight loss in General.

7. Before the gym, eat only bananas or drinking yoghurt. Experts strongly disagree with this, especially if the goal is to build muscle. Preferably before a workout eat protein and something from the category of complex carbohydrates.

8. Because fitness woman will be like a man. This does not happen, is that she will actively take steroids and hormones.

9. Two workouts a week is enough. If you just want to maintain weight and be physically active, and this amount of fitness would be enough. But if the desire to find an attractive shape and keep them you have to train at least 4 times a week.

10. More repetitions – more prominent muscles. In fact, a beautiful press can only be done by reducing the amount of visceral fat, and carrying out a complex of power and aerobic exercise.


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