Experts have compiled a list of products, which is harmful to Breakfast


Эксперты составили список продуктов, которыми вредно завтракать

Breakfast is one of the most important daily meals because it gives energy for the whole day. Experts have compiled a list of products, the use of which is not only not useful but can be harmful to health.

In the list were fast food, including cereal and spaghetti because of the nutrients and vitamins out there “die” before you will pour them with boiling water. In addition, the kas of bags, there is a high sugar content that causes damage to both the figure and the health in General. That is why it is advised not to eat Breakfast sweets, like cakes, chocolate, candy and cakes. These treats instantly provoke the fascination of glucose, but the marshmallow, dark chocolate and honey on the contrary beneficial to the body.

Should not be on a Breakfast to get excited about white bread, homemade pies and different kinds of rolls. Sugar and flour threatens the harmony, besides butter products do not bring the saturation and after half an hour again wakes up hungry. Best choice for morning meal experts do not believe and sausage with sausages, which contain a lot of salt, additives and emulsifiers, causing disorder. More reasonable would be in the evening to cook a piece of meat diet. It is not recommended to eat for Breakfast, a grilled cheese, because they are part of palm oil, additives, sodium, flavor enhancers, etc.


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