Experts have called the products that destroys a person’s memory


Эксперты назвали продукты, уничтожающие память человекаAccording to doctors, certain foods affect memory.

An international group of scientists from the University of Helsinki conducted a series of studies, which concluded that certain foods are slowly but surely destroying the memory of man, and others, on the contrary, contribute to its restoration.

So, a negative memory effect deficiency of vitamin b, Smoking and alcohol. This list also includes low-quality carbohydrates and animal fats. If the power is unbalanced, and even with a large number of these fats, the cell membrane becomes more rigid and the ability of cells to signal is reduced, in the same way as the brain’s ability to “digest” information.

However, there are foods you are able to return our memory to its former flexibility and clarity of thinking. Such “remedies” include:

-olive oil
-whole grain products
-vegetarian food
white meat
-dark green leafy vegetables

As for drinks, the improvement of the brain to promote cocoa, coffee and tea.


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