Experts have called the most unhappy country in the world


Эксперты назвали самые несчастливые страны мираPollsters interviewed residents of 164 countries.

The prestigious American sociological Institute Gallup has published an index of negative emotions of the inhabitants of the various countries of the world.

As it turned out, most unfortunate in the world are residents of the Central African Republic, Iraq and South Sudan.

In total, pollsters interviewed residents of the 164 countries that have talked about how often they experience such emotions as anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. most “unhappy” people are in such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Poland, Mongolia, Sweden and New Zealand.

Among the countries where people experience negative emotions less: Paraguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

It is noteworthy that, according to experts, these data are not based on objective indicators of quality of life in Drano South and Central America, and reflect the cultural traditions of the region.


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