Experts have called the most profitable in the operation of the electric car


Эксперты назвали самый выгодный в эксплуатации электрокарThe Nissan Leaf has won the prestigious award

Electric car Nissan Leaf 2 was named the most profitable operation of an electric vehicle. This high recognition the car has received from authoritative research site Kelley Blue Book.

According to experts, the new Leaf is the low-cost electric car over the past 5 years. Popular Japanese car showed excellent results in all evaluation criteria: the cost of charging, insurance, and repairs.

While Leaf was not included in the TOP 5 most energy-efficient electric vehicles.

In another design, the car received a revised filling: the electric motor of 150 HP and a battery of 40 kWh (instead of 24 and 30 kWh), which allows you to pass on a single charge 378 km on the NEDC cycle. This year the equipment of the Bodice needs to log battery capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours.

Buy 2 Nissan Leaf in the UK can be at least 21 990 GBP including subsidies in the amount of 4,500 pounds. At the same time, in Germany the cost of a new electric vehicle starts from $ 31 950 euros, excluding government rebates.


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