Experts have called the main technological trends 2018


Эксперты назвали главные технологические тренды 2018 годаThe experts Entrepreneur said, what trends await us in the coming year.

Before the New year is only a few hours. It’s time to think about what awaits us in 2018. The experts Entrepreneur called eight technology trends that are worth paying attention to in the coming year.


Perhaps, today everyone has heard about bitcoin. But speech now will go not about them, but about the technology of the blockchain (Blockchain), which is based on this cryptocurrency. The technology is based on the idea of decentralization and distribution of information among members of the network. Due to the fact that the database is distributed, data is virtually impossible to forge.

All of this makes the blockchain a highly attractive solution for the most different spheres of life. For example, the largest banks in the world already interested in the possibility of transition to distributed databases.

In 2018 we will see a further popularity of the technology. Enthusiasts will find new ways to use the blockchain, and the company and government agencies to implement it into their work.

The Internet of things

Report BI Intelligence argues that in the next five years the IOT will invest more than $6 trillion. Such huge investments will accelerate the development of this technology and will lead to the emergence of hundreds of thousands of new devices.

In 2018, we can expect many interesting gadgets and devices at home, constantly connected to the Internet and communicating with each other.

Virtual reality

Over the past two years we have witnessed a new dawn of virtual reality. But the technology is still hardly mainstream. Headsets are still too expensive for the mass market, and the amount of content leaves much to be desired.

However, in recent years the situation begins to improve. For example, many of the hit games of recent years, including Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Doom was modified to better work with virtual reality helmets. The following year, the number of VR-oriented games will increase. Virtual content will become more diverse, consumer – more mass. And, therefore, themselves headset virtual reality may become more accessible.

Augmented reality

In 2018 do not expect the mass appearance of augmented reality headsets. Even if any company will release augmented reality glasses, the gadget will remain a tool for content developers. However, next year, augmented reality will become much more. However, the main device to interact with it, will be a smartphone.


The average user chatbot not seem to be something serious and important, but a huge number of companies invests huge money into their development. The goal is to build a virtual robot that will be able to serve the customer is not worse than living operator. In fact, it is about creating a speech interface for human interaction. In 2018, chatbot will become truly ubiquitous. The company specializes in the delivery of food, travel agencies, restaurants and cinemas – all of them will start their own messenger bots.


Days full payment for the goods thing of the past. A modern company focused on recurring income, offer services by subscription. For example, if a U.S. resident wants to receive the goods on the day of purchase on Amazon, he needs to subscribe to Amazon Prime. A monthly subscription is cheap, but at the expense of mass pays all associated costs.

In 2018 we will see an increase in the number of services available with the subscription. and it’s not only about services related to real goods, but about the software. So, instead of a one-time buy something for a large sum, the user will be able to subscribe to use it for a certain period and to pay the developers a monthly fee.


Experts believe that in 2018 e-Commerce will finally triumph in the retail trade. According to Forrester, about 83% of American adults bought something online this year. Since this figure is growing from year to year, e-Commerce takes off all the large pieces from the share of traditional retail. In General, the retail trade will decline.

Automation and unemployment

In recent years, artificial intelligence and robotics become ubiquitous and are increasingly replacing human labor. Of course, there are areas where human presence is necessary. But this does not negate the fact that in the coming years we can face a huge rise in unemployment. If the chatbot can replace hundreds of operators of the call center, and intelligent machine – hundreds of workers, the social consequences are inevitable.

In 2018 many countries for the first time can truly acutely face the problem of unemployment caused by the automation of labor. And we can only guess what decision will develop the power to solve this problem.


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