Experts have called the best game on the PlayStation


Специалисты назвали лучшие игры на PlayStationExperts have conducted an extensive survey and shared the results.

Experts have called the best game on the PlayStation that will appeal to gamers. In the list of the best included: exclusive for PlayStation Flower, stylized retro Stranger Things: The Game, suddenly a cool puzzle game for the movie “Geostorm”, bright space shooter CyberSphere and neon simulator car stunts REKT.

In the first place is Flower — detailed visualization of the famous poem about “the blade of grass and leaf”. The game back when the PlayStation-exclusive is called the “simulator of meditation”. Dale goes Stranger Things: The Game, the game is free, without payment. Geostorm is another game film owes its existence. The novelty is dedicated to the upcoming release of the same movie. The closest analogue of the game is Lara Croft GO.

CyberSphere — budget answer mobile Halo: space firing lasers, futuristic technology, encased in exoskeletons, drones and camera flying under the clouds. In the game REKT gamers need to manage a small machine on a futuristic platform, where, apparently, teach stunt the future.


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