Experts have called the best cars of the year


Эксперты назвали лучшие машины года The TOP 3 cars were the model is produced in Korea.

The study included more than 600 thousand models of cars, studied opinions of a million people. A list of the best cars in 2018 was very unexpected.

On the second place – Genesis G90

During the research specialists of North American research company JD Power was based on several parameters. Take into account not only the opinion of the owners, but the build quality of cars and their reliability. Not spared the attention of researchers and design. An important factor in an era of tightening environmental regulations have become the dynamic characteristics of applicants. In addition, in their study, the experts took into account the fact how many different kinds of decorations have received these or other models. Evaluated applicants on a 100-point system.

The best car in the world the result was recognized as the Porsche 911, which received 94 points. In second place was Korean Genesis sedan G90 – 93 points. The bronze went to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class – 92 points.

In fourth place with a score of 90 points is just 10 models. This three Porsche – crossover Cayenne, Macan and sports car 718, two Lincoln – Navigator SUV and sedan Continental, two models of the Lexus GS sedan and RX crossover, as well as another Genesis model G80. Also was recognized the best BMW 7 Series and Cadillac Escalade.


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