Experts have called the best Android smartphones in the world


Специалисты назвали самые лучшие Android-смартфоны в мире The rating is made by experts benchmark AnTuTu.

Each company creates the best in her own opinion smartphones, but often the customer is radically different. That’s why certain phones even the top level can be disastrous.

For example you need not go far. At least have the same Meizu Pro 7 Plus, which had been hoped for, but it turn out to be useless, together with its second screen and processor from MediaTek. However, some producers are able from year to year to create extremely advanced in all respects with the phone, which reflect millions of people from different countries.

Today popular benchmark AnTuTu has shared information about the best indoor and smartphones in the world who want everything. To do this, in the last few months, its staff have analyzed consumers ‘ preferences, the results of which made the top 10 best mobile version of buyers from various countries, including from Russia. It is worth noting that the study was conducted only among Android phones.

As a result, experts came to the conclusion that the best smartphone version of the buyers is OnePlus 5, to become the owners of which want 95% of people. Behind him, in second place, is OnePlus with 3% to 94%. Third and fourth places were taken by Meizu Pro 6 Plus and OnePlus 3T, which managed to achieve the performance “desire” in 93% and 92%, respectively. In fifth position was the Xiaomi Mi Max to purchase which would 92% of all respondents.

The sixth position was the Samsung Galaxy S8 (92%), the seventh – Redmi Note 3 (92%), eighth – Samsung Galaxy S8+ (92%), and the ninth – Xiaomi Mi 6, purchase which would 91% of survey participants. At the last tenth place took the budget smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4, managed to get 90% in the ranking of the best and indoor phones in the world. Experts from AuTuTu did not specify on what criteria they were rating, but they added that because of some circumstances, the phones OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the study did not participate because they did not meet the criteria of the comparison.


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