Experts have advised how to protect your phone from spyware


Специалисты посоветовали, как защитить телефон от программ-шпионовUseful tips.

Each of us has a right to privacy. However, there are cases when he shamelessly violated. How to deal with it? Software for smartphone protection from spyware.

GSM Spy Finder
Simple and reliable program detects the following types of spy equipment:

— active GSM interceptor with decoder A5.x, which can intercept incoming and outgoing GSM calls and SMS with any type of encryption;

— 3G IMSI/IMEI/TMSI Catcher, intended to influence the target phone to force it to switch to GSM for the possibility of data interception;

— blocker selected phones (cell firewall) for selective or massive destruction of GSM/UMTS targets;

— GSM IMSI/IMEI/TMSI Catcher, designed to detect the presence of GSM phones in the area of interest.

Anti Spy Mobile Free
Mobile app by downloading and running which you’ll see installed on your smartphone any malware that threatens your privacy.

Scan phone — free. Upon detection of a “spy” you need to download the paid version Pro, which will clean your phone.

Application developers discuss the three main ways to capture information from smartphones:

1 Spyware software installed on your phone that can record conversations, take video with the camera not only during conversations, but when the phone is in standby mode. To protect your phone, you need to control which of your programs have access to the camera and microphone. Eagle Security allows you to obtain a complete list of such applications and to deny access to unwanted programs into the camera.

2 Substitution of the base station. This method is gaining popularity: at a distance of 500 meters away from you place the complex listening which pretends to the base station. Work lubatowa station remains for us invisible, because the signal is redirected to the real station.

To protect yourself, you need to track the identifiers of base stations to which the phone connects. This will also help Eagle Security. If any base station is moved around the city, or periodically disappears from its place, the program will tell you about this.

3 Wire via special services. Here while the developers are powerless.


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