Experts explained why in Ukraine do not make electric cars


Эксперты объяснили, почему в Украине не делают электромобилиTo make electric cars Ukraine at this stage are not yet ready.

Ukraine is in the top five countries in the market development of electric cars. In 2017, the Ukrainians have bought 2697 car is 2.3 times more than in 2016. this is mainly supported by the Nissan Leaf, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference for Today.

This year the demand for electric cars will be even more – the Parliament reduced the taxes, and buy a electric car became cheaper by 17%. By 2035, every fourth car in Ukraine will be electric, predicts the Razumkov Center.

The shift to electric vehicles is a global trend. European countries, China and India declared that they will refuse sales of cars with internal combustion engine (DSV) 10-25 years.Even the car manufacturers began to focus on the production of hybrid and electric vehicles. For example, Volvo has announced that by 2019, all new cars will be battery and motor. Transition plans for electric drives announced BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen Group.

Ukrainian automakers lost in the production of cars with DSV. But to occupy a niche in elektromobilitat it’s not too late.

Experimental development of electric cars in Ukraine appeared in 1973, was also a few models after Independence. However, in mass production they never went though the country has all the conditions for the construction of electrical machines: consumer demand, deposits of lithium and machine-building plants.

What prevents Ukraine to produce electric cars, versed website Today.

Five attempts to establish production of electric vehicles

In Ukraine has repeatedly tried to produce an electric car. The first is the ZAZ-968 Electro. The experimental machine developed in Zaporizhia machine-building Institute in 1973. The car had a motor power of 4 KW and energy recovery system – that is, the battery is recharged during braking. Battery machine weighed about 400 kg, and on a single charge “Electrosetproject” could cover 100 km in a year, the electric car was awarded a gold medal at the all-Union exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth. It was going to be run in production. But funding for the ZAZ-968 Elektro and not identified.

After an exit of Ukraine from the USSR, the Institute of electrodynamics of NAS and presented ZAZ “Tavria-Electro”. ZAZ 11091 equipped with electric capacity of 25 KW. The stated power reserve is 130 kilometers and a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour. For full battery charge needed for eight hours. The plant was sold several batches of bodies of electric vehicles in Germany and Switzerland. Prior to the launch of an electric vehicle in serial production the case never came due to lack of funds at the plant.

In 005 year the Institute of electrodynamics and ZAZ has developed a hybrid ZAZ 110206 “Tavria-Hybrid”. One with a capacity of ten batteries was enough for 50 kilometers, and with a running gasoline engine cruising range increased to 750 km.

Five years later introduced the ZAZ Lanos Pick-up Electro on “Capital auto show 2010”. The electric pickup is equipped with a motor capacity of 15 kW and up to eight batteries, charge enough for 100 km at the same time the plant’s management said that serial production of electropop will not, because it costs 60% more expensive than the petrol version.

In 2016, the Electric company Marathon International presented in Monaco electric Synchronous. The car was presented as Ukrainian electric car. Car design is performed Kiev Studio Prystrast, engine Slavyanka – development of Odessa company EcoFactor, the manufacturer of the body is also held in Odessa. The range on one battery charge – 130-160 km. On the car roof placed solar panels. Synchronous speeds of 60-70 km/h. According to the developers, appearance, reminiscent of a medieval carriage, allows the electric car to become an ideal means of transportation in the city as a taxi, Shuttle to hotels and tour auto.

Of state – no, the market is small, investors are not interested

To make electric cars expensive. The cost of even batches of electric cars in China, the largest automaker in the world is very large. Therefore, most countries encouraged the production and sale of electric cars. In China Chery QQ is $ 6,000., and the electric version of the Chery EQ – 15000 USD. But the state compensates the buyer 60% of the value, so Chery EQ costs about $ 6,000., like the petrol counterpart.

Electric cars will become cheaper than vehicles with combustion engines only 10 years, forecasts Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Now, the battery is about half the cost of the electric vehicle. Seven years later, the price of “green” cars will be at the level of all cars on petrol and diesel. And in 2030-m electric cars will be 10-20% cheaper and will continue to decline in price.

So while in Ukraine it is impossible to produce electric cars without state support the auto industry as a whole and stimulate the purchase of these cars, believe in “UkrAVTO”, which belongs to ZAZ.

“Recent changes in legislation have put the Ukrainian producer at a disadvantage with the importer. When you import the electric vehicle is not paid 20% VAT and Tax code of the Ukrainian electric car is exempt only 1.5% -2%, not 20% because the manufacturer needs the entire input VAT attributed to the costs”, – explained in the press service of the Corporation.

Another reason is the low solvency of the population. The Ukrainians, who travel on EuroBLECH for 1500 euros, can hardly afford an electric car.

State programs do not enough, the Executive Director of the Center for global studies “Strategy XXI” Andriy Chubik: “But above all, the Ukrainian automotive industry lags behind the international manufacturers both technically and design. The biggest problem is the lack of modern production technologies of batteries.”

Plus, the business climate in Ukraine attracts investors, said the Director of the importing electric vehicles “green wheels” Oleg Maslov. The domestic market is not ready and can not digest industrial, cost-effective batch of electric cars. Export is also not yet profitable.

“Under the terms of the Association agreement with the EU Ukrainian cars are subject to customs duties. The Eastern direction, of course, closed.” – said Maslov.

Whether the Ukrainian electric car future

In 2015 the Institute of electrodynamics tried to assemble 200 thousand UAH for the production of electric vehicles. Scientists have placed the project on the crowdfunding platform “At the start” and called it “the electric car”. The planned launch of serial production of electric ZAZ Lanos-pickup and ZAZ Lanos Sedan with a mileage of 250 km on a single charge. Would cost a electric 15 thousand dollars. Ukrainians listed on the project, only 17 351 UAH.

The probability to launch a national electric car miserable. While Ukrainian developers have tried to make Lanos electrical, manufacture of electric vehicles in the world has leaped forward. In Ukraine, more opportunities to produce components for electric vehicles, says Yaroslav Pylypchuk, an expert on economic analysis and the transport infrastructure of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future”.

“Electric vehicles are more likely to make someone’s localization and supply components. We conducted the study in Ukraine it is possible to localize production of electric cars at the level of 60-70%,” – says Yaroslav Pylypchuk.

Besides, the country’s demand is outpacing the development of infrastructure, the analyst said. A Ukrainian who bought an electric car, can apply for the service just a couple of points in Kiev. With the further development of the market the problem will only grow.

“From here there is a niche to create a service, to do components. In this direction is more potential. But in the future we can produce electric cars. Ukraine needs to make economic calculations and to plan the development of electric cars, because demand and infrastructure will develop,” adds Pilipchuk.

Ukrainian electric car can be created only under the condition that the market will consume several hundred thousand machines. Sales of 80 thousand cars following the results of last year the production of electric cars – more distant prospect than market demand, as noted in “UkrAVTO”.

The company Eurocar, which produces Skoda cars, is considering manufacturing electric vehicles and components to the EU market. In an interview with reported by Oleg Boyar, owner of “Atoll holding” (comprising the “Eurocar”). The company is considering several options. The first is to establish cooperation with American and European brands to launch production of electric vehicles and batteries. In Europe, these industries are almost there. The second is to become a platform for the production of Chinese electric cars for delivery to the West. But first, Ukraine needs to prepare the infrastructure and legislation, says the Lord.

Working on it the Ministry of infrastructure. Last year the Agency introduced the concept of development of electric vehicle market. It consists of three stages.

The first is the development of the market of electric vehicles for five years. On the second ten-year stage, the Ministry plans to attract investors for the production of electric vehicles and charging stations. And the final phase, which will last 15 years, aimed at localization of production of components and batteries for electric vehicles.

For the rapid development of the market, the Ministry had planned before 2023, the year to be exempt from VAT and excise duty the importation of electric vehicles and charging stations. Until 2028 to cancel VAT on components for electric vehicle. Until 2033, the planned introduction of a zero VAT rate to goods produced in Ukraine, electric vehicles, accessories, charging station. However, until that bill is not even registered in Parliament.

According to infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan, foreign investors are already interested in the production of electric vehicles in Ukraine they are waiting for the law. The Minister promised to register a bill in Parliament in the near future.

To release their electric cars Ukraine is not ready yet. Not ready and Ukrainians to buy a domestic car. Unlikely to be supported by the buyers of Nissan Leaf switched to electric Lanos, ZAZ if suddenly launched it in production. Despite the high growth market of electric cars, only 3.3% of cars that was bought by the Ukrainians last year – electric. Not enough to be of interest to Nissan or Tesla at least open the official point of sales in Ukraine, not to mention production.

Ukrainian producers can start with the components and batteries. They will have the demand in the domestic market, given that the Ukrainians are buying mainly b/u electric cars. Investors and manufacturers will start producing electric cars as soon as the incomes of Ukrainians will grow, and the demand for cars will be a substantial a few percent. While the reasons to produce electric cars in Ukraine.


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