Experts explained why Breakfast is good to eat chocolate


Эксперты объяснили, почему на завтрак полезно есть шоколадChocolate for Breakfast is the best solution for your mind and waistline.

Scientists from the University of Syracuse in new York recently conducted a large scale study of 968 people aged from 23 to 98.

Experiment has shown that chocolate has a direct impact on our cognitive ability, and its regular consumption can significantly improve memory and develop abstract thinking.

Contrary to popular belief, that people should reduce the consumption of chocolate during a diet plan, research discovered that chocolate can actually help a person lose excess weight.

“When you Wake up, the brain immediately needs energy,” says Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, whose book “Diet – the big Breakfast” became a bestseller. “This time of day when your body turns food into energy. Later, when you eat, your body and brain are still in the regime of high combat readiness, saving energy from food as fat reserve. So you gain weight even if eating less.”

Remember that chocolate will provide the most favorable impact on your body, if you eat no later than 9 am.

What is the component in chocolate produces a positive effect? Experts say that this nutrient, called a flavonoid, which is 20% of the composition of cocoa beans. High levels of flavonoids also found in tea, red wine, grapes, and apples.

So the next time you have an overwhelming desire to treat themselves to chocolate, feel free to include it in your Breakfast. Your brain and even your waistline will thank you.


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