Experts estimate the cost of all minerals in North Korea


Эксперты подсчитали стоимость всех полезных ископаемых Северной КореиDPRK has some of the world’s largest deposits of rare earth metals.

Mineral reserves at the disposal of the DPRK, estimated at 3.3 trillion dollars. This is stated in the report of the South Korean state mineral resources Corporation (KRC).

According to her, North Korea, in particular, has 6 billion tons of magnesite, 2 million tons of graphite and 250 thousand tons of tungsten. Pyongyang had previously signed 40 agreements about their production and investment from foreign companies, of which 90% are Chinese.

MP from the ruling Democratic party “Tabora” Pak Jung in this regard, expressed concern about the dominance of China in the market of mineral resources, Korea, urging Seoul to quickly examine the possibility to connect to their production.

“If the South will get access to the resources of the North, we will be able to consistently use for several centuries,” said the MP. “The government should take appropriate steps, since China has already staked out a significant portion of the mineral resources of North Korea”, he added.

DPRK has some of the world’s largest deposits of rare earth metals needed in the manufacture of processors, smartphones and other high-tech products. At the same time, in this country there is practically no modern equipment for their production, furthermore the sale of minerals abroad is prohibited Pyongyang with sanctions of the UN Security Council.

South Korea is one of the world leaders in production of memory chips, displays and batteries, but has to import most of the raw material needed to manufacture them.


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