Experts called habits that Rob you of energy


Эксперты назвали привычки, которые лишают вас энергииThese habits prevent you from fully enjoying life.

Each person has a certain amount of psychic energy, which he spends on performing tasks. And if this energy ends, the productivity drops sharply. From these 11 habits is to get rid of, not to be left without important resources.

1. The lack of a plan

The more decisions you take, the more mental energy you spend. These decisions can be significant, and not (for example, what shirt to wear).

Any decision is wasted energy. So many famous people intentionally limit themselves. Just look at the wardrobes of Barack Obama, Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Each of them, in most cases, appear in public in the same clothes. And American entrepreneur and economist Seth Godin never alters his Breakfast, which consists of only one banana-nut smoothie.

Solution: every evening make a plan for the morning. First, make important tasks. Update the list as necessary.

2. Excessive planning

Can be harmful and excessive planning. Fill your task list with work, family meetings, sport can be quite simple, but dealing with everything that much harder.

Have free time to rest — one of the most important aspects of a balanced life. This can be easy to forget, but relaxing is a must.

The solution: every day place in terms of spaces for classes, which you down. This can be a hobby or simply reading a book.

3. Ignoring the mess

You might think that the order in the workplace does not have the same importance as productivity. But efficiency can depend on how it is removed. According to research, a large number of visual stimuli has a significant impact on the brain when you try to focus.

Concentration takes more mental energy when on the table lies a lot of things distracting. Even if it’s not the smartphones and other devices that make sounds and vibrate, and paperclips, notepads and mugs with the unfinished tea.

Solution: keep the order, not only in the workplace but everywhere, where possible. This increases the concentration and calms just.

4. Procrastination

When you feel that your brain is tired, there is a temptation to postpone the work for later. Sometimes this makes sense: to work hard on an important project when you can’t push ourselves to the maximum. But procrastination can have a bad effect on mental energy.

Power even to decide whether to take the matter a little now or to postpone it. Even to recall the unfulfilled task that requires effort. All this leads to the mental exhaustion of reserves.

Solution: follow the two-minute rule: if you can complete the task for this time, do not even think to delay. At the same time, you can always make a two-minute break virtually without compromising concentration.

5. Perfectionism

The pursuit of the perfect result — good, but in moderation. Trying to complete the task in 10 out of 10, you can spend a lot of time, but your excessive effort may not even notice.

Better learn to stay in the moment when you realize that a job is well done and continue to do makes no sense. On reading the letter over which you pored hours, the chief will probably take a minute or even less.

Solution: ask yourself, are you satisfied with the result. Don’t waste tons of mental energy on achieving a perfect result. Just do the job well.

6. Multitasking

Studies show that in cognitive terms, multitasking is extremely inefficient. Switching from one case to another does not go unnoticed: each time you are wasting energy.

But some people due to the multi-tasking productivity only increases. If this is your case, then continue in the same spirit, this item is not for you. But most of it is much better, if it is one.

Solution: turn odnozadachnist a habit. Learn 25 minutes to focus on one goal and then to give the brain a quick break.

7. Unwillingness to records

The more information you keep in mind, the more energy you spend. This may relate to the shopping list, ideas about the rest of the weekend or even someone’s phone number. If all this is not to record, then brain has to do a lot of extra effort.

Recording is very simple and useful. With apps to create notes you will never forget about something important, even if the brain is busy with other tasks.

Solution: take notes on paper or in electronic form. When you record, you are saying the brain: “Relax, buddy, I’ve already done the work for you.” It is also believed that what you write better deposited in the memory.

8. Poor nutrition

What you eat also has a huge impact on productivity. Foods with a high glycemic index like white bread, white rice and all refined with sugar will give you a quick boost of energy. But it will be followed by a sharp decline and fatigue.

Foods with a lower glycemic index like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and foods high in protein increase the energy more smoothly and allow you to keep it longer.

Solution: it is enough to change the food environment in order to feel a significant difference. Eat nuts, fish and fresh berries. And don’t focus on caffeine. It helps, but not for long.

9. The lack of water

Drink plenty of water. Exactly how much you need to drink is debatable, but if you were to drink six to eight glasses a day, you’ll feel better. Even a small reduction in the level of hydration has a significant impact on health and productivity.

If you are used to drinking fizzy drinks, coffee and tea, to give preference to water is not as easy as it may seem. But it’s worth it.

Solution: if you find it difficult to force myself to drink a lot of water, try an app. It will show how much you should drink per day, and will help with motivation.

10. Lack of sleep

Nothing energizes like a dream. A sufficient amount of good sleep allows you to efficiently perform tasks and not exhausting.

If you sleep a little, then your brain will not involve all resources. Some of them can “Wake up” with caffeine, but over time it develops an immunity. In addition, because of the coffee and energy arises the habit of sleeping less, so the fatigue comes faster.

Solution: give the body as much sleep as he requires. If you feel tired throughout the day, then you definitely need to sleep more. Most people require about eight hours of normal sleep, so proceed from this number and adjust it in accordance with health.

11. Ignoring favorite things

Even if we take into account all of the above, it’s easy to forget or simply not find time for the hobby. Hobbies, video games, reading books or educational courses — the list is endless.

Solution: if you need to make to the daily schedule is passion, without which you can not live, — feel free to make. You may find it easier to start the day with 20 minutes of activity. Everything relaxes, puts a smile on your face and helps to enjoy life, is worth it to get this into the daily routine.


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