Experts called dangerous eating habits


Эксперты назвали опасные пищевые привычки

The scientists decided to publish a list of food habits that are most harmful to human health.

1. The food at the computer

According to experts, people who often eat at the computer, increase the risk of various abnormalities including cancer. The problem lies in the chewing of food — bad person chews.

2. Eating on the run

Studies have shown that food on the move or standing can cause the development of diabetes. When eating on the run becomes more rapid promotion of products through the digestive tract. And this, in turn, disrupts the gastrointestinal tract.

3. The use of cool products

Cold food suspends the biochemical processes in the digestive tract that slows digestion, which can appear a variety of diseases.

4. Eating out

In addition, the doctors say that “outside the home” food, often contaminated with phthalates, which can cause: breast cancer, disorders of the endocrine, nervous, reproductive systems, weight gain and much more.

5. Snack sandwich

The most dangerous are the sausage sandwiches, which contain a high amount of simple carbohydrates and fats. All this leads to a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood, and then, the man quickly begins to feel hunger. Therefore eats more and starts to get fat.


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