Experts: By 2025, the Russians will have to spend on travel twice


Эксперты: К 2025 году россиянам придется тратить на путешествия вдвое больше

Spending on foreign trips of Russian tourists reached $49.1 bln in ten years, which is 118% higher than in 2015. To such conclusions experts in study Visa, held jointly with Oxford Economics.

The report analyzed the costs of travel among residents of the 50 countries with the largest economies. As noted, by 2025, Russia will occupy the fifth place in the world of tourist expenditure on travel. In the first place and in ten years will be China, the expenditure of Chinese travelers will grow almost twice — up to $255 billion.

The second and third in spending in 2025 will be tourists from the U.S. and Germany whose spending will grow by a third to $134 billion and $97.6 billion, respectively. Almost 60% more will be spent on foreign travel by British tourists — up to $97 billion, the country will remain on the fourth place.

In the top ten also were tourists from Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Brazil and South Korea. The development of world tourism, according to experts, influenced by the increase of welfare of the population and the growing number of families whose incomes qualify them for the middle class.

According to forecasts, by 2025 trip abroad will be able to afford about half of the families in the world. The average cost per trip, excluding airfare, in ten years will average about $5.3 thousand per year per family, ” the document reads.


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