Exotic pocket: than to replace expensive products


Available rarity

With the holidays coming up and with them the desire to surprise and pamper their guests with unusual treats! Often in the recipes of exotic dishes listed exotic products. If you find them pretty hard or they simply can not afford – do not worry!

Today we will tell you how to replace rare, expensive products so the taste of your culinary works has not suffered!



Many people love sea food not without presenting them a real festive table. To your wallet is not hurt, and the food was really decent, replace expensive fish more affordable counterparts:

  • cod on Pollock;
  • halibut for flounder;
  • haddocks for pangasius.

Believe me, guests will be pleased!

Spices and vegetables

Often, foreign cooks use in their dishes, exotic spices and additives that for them everyday, but we cannot always find them in markets.

Here is a list of analogues:

  • capers – pickled cucumber;
  • marjoram – dried oregano;
  • saffron – turmeric + red pepper.

Exotic desserts

Pineapple dessert you can prepare using canned fruit instead of fresh. Particularly good option for baking.

If you are going to cook the delicacy with creamy mascarpone cheese safely replace it with the fatty sour cream! The dish will turn out equally delicious.)

Vanilla extract easily replaced with vanilla sugar! Replace the ingredient at the rate of 1 tsp. extract = 20 g vanilla sugar, the difference is no one will feel!

Dressings for salads and garnish

If your prescription is written for wine you can save your money and buy regular wine bags.

Professional chefs often use in their recipes rare vegetable oil: sesame, grapeseed, flax. They will replace regular sunflower oil or olive. Of course, it will not replace the flavor, but will be no less delicious.)


If you can’t imagine my life without meat can replace expensive, more accessible counterparts. For example, beef is better to replace the chicken.

Those who are willing to experiment worth a look at the variety of delicious legumes! Mung beans, chickpeas, green lentils – they are full-fledged substitutes for protein.

Lentils are perfect for stuffed peppers or meat pie its aroma is really cold. Try it and see for yourself.)

In addition, a protein of leguminous plants contains trace minerals that rejuvenate the body. Look at vegetarians, they always look much younger than their peers.)

Inspiration to you in the kitchen! Make new discoveries to surprise guests and loved ones!


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