Exercises of Russian troops in Belarus: what to expect


Учения войск РФ в Беларуси: чего ждатьIn Belarus there are 23 thousand Russian military.

Military expert Konstantin Mashovets believes that Russia is openly stepping up on the border with Ukraine shock military groups, indicating that further strategic plans of the Kremlin against our country.

According to him, Belarus has currently a group of Russian forces numbering more than 23 thousand servicemen.
“Everything else in Belarus has gone supposedly to train 5000 “atamatov” instead of “scheduled” 3000, that too is alarming,” writes the expert.

He also noted that the defense Ministry took in 2017 4126 railway wagons for the transport of troops to supposedly “unremarkable” military exercises “West-2017” in Belarus.

“In normal years for these purposes they cost a couple hundred cars (for comparison: in 2015 the Russians took 125 cars, and in 2016 is less than 50). Where, who, what, and most importantly – why Putin is going to take?” – added Mashovets.
He also stressed that the border with Ukraine continues, the formation of three full-blooded infantry division — 3rd (district of Valuiki), 144 (near Smolensk) and 150th (district of Moscow), as well as at least five separate armored and mechanized infantry brigades.

“It was a shock of connection. In the Crimea the deranged Colonel of the KGB of the USSR decided poterebit your nuclear ego — it actively restores the storage and the storage of nuclear weapons (object “Theodosius-13″),” Mashovets wrote.


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