Ex-Minister Mikhail Men looking for a home in Tuscany


Экс-министр Михаил Мень ищет дом в Тоскане

According to the source “ANY” in Italy, ex-Minister of construction Mikhail Men, after retiring, placed in one of real estate agencies bid for the purchase of a home in Tuscany.

Just note that there is nothing wrong in the desire of the ex-official to buy a house in one of the most beautiful provinces of Italy – no. The more that the price range of Tuscan property – widest: from 200 thousand for a modest village house to tens of millions of euros for villas and palaces with huge sites, vineyards and a helipad. In the end the man served the state, may think about themselves.

Looks like Italy is becoming a center of attraction for Russians. In the Apennines, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets has an apartment with an area of 250 square meters. Former Deputy Prime Minister Khloponin, as you know, the house was sold for 35 million Euro Mikhail Prokhorov… Judging by 2015, buildings in the Apennine Peninsula was owned by three members of the Council of the Federation (Oleg Eremeev, Ahmet Palankov and Alexander Verkhovsky with their spouses).

Characteristically, Yandex when you request “real estate in Tuscany” produces 61 million results and addresses of real estate firms working in Moscow.


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