Ex-British Ambassador in the United States were hospitalized after the attack in the London underground


Экс-посла Британии в США госпитализировали после нападения в лондонском метроThe attack on former Ambassador occurred one day before the official visit to Britain of U.S. President Donald trump.

Former British Ambassador to the US and Germany Christopher Meyer was hospitalized following the assault of two young people in the London underground at Victoria station. On Thursday, July 12.

Noted that 74-year-old diplomat is currently at the hospital of St Mary in Paddington with an injury of the left eye, nose and lips. As told by the wife of Meyer, he looks “as if were in a combat zone”. The newspaper also published a photo of the ex-Ambassador from the hospital where his face is covered in blood.

Reportedly, the attack on ex-Ambassador had been the day before the official visit to Britain of U.S. President Donald trump. According to the newspaper, Meyer had to take part in several television interviews to discuss the upcoming visit of the American leader.

“At first I thought that the attack was politically motivated. He’s cocky, and sometimes people have different opinions, but the police told me that, in their opinion, the attackers just wanted to Rob him,” said Meyer.

She added that the police had already arrested the attackers, a man and a woman.

The diplomatic career of Christopher Meyer began in 1966. The first years as a diplomat he spent in the Soviet Union and Spain. He was also appointed Ambassador to Germany in 1997, he was then moved to USA, where he worked until 2003.


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