Evoke the joy and sadness


In the seemingly off-season for mushroom dry year did not come back if I’m out of the woods, the fields, the soul and the body nice booty. Soul singing in the search for and contemplation of the unknown, the body charged energy of asceticism…

And mushrooms have always been born despite the hardships of the weather. But not the same, ordinary and inexperienced collector friends: mushrooms, white mushrooms, mushrooms… and liverworts, sucking the life juice from the tree in the grove… pryrichchya the same unchanged wet Unawatuna rural cow pasture, bestowed untold riches mushrooms, meadow mushrooms and dung.

Chad house and living in it, did not know of dissatisfaction. And the dishes delicious-nutritious prepared respectively: soups, Garance, mushroom mixture with vegetable stew.

But… shed used average July rain-gruzovik, will wet the soil up to podkolonnik, I go for penny.

Where to go Il food places are familiar: the penny really, the most that neither is a nobleman among mushroom, in oak-birch-aspen pereleshina.

For the black — birch covers and clearings, but looking at aspen poplar landing…

I remember a case where the wife decades ago being pregnant was fond of finding Lactarius… and we went on the last month of pregnancy with me into the woods. And fungus that no new clearing, it appears in flocks in circles, as if welcoming a future parent.

Hand Luggage prepared for the forest was exhausted, and I removed his shirt, buttoned the buttons and tying the sleeves, put “fishing” in a not very for him the honourable place.

Lactarius of the collection after the forty-day carooline was and vigorous on the palate, and the second dish a pleasant…

A son, born on the seventh day after our wife venture travel, became, after years of povzroslee, an avid mushroom picker.

And conjures up a penny in my soul joy and sadness during the winter of gluttony with him: and lived, bitterness, watered, and hope for a brighter future associated with the fungus-burly — penny.


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