Every family in the United States have a quarter of a million dollars


Каждая семья в США должна четверть миллиона долларов

An electronic Board, showing the amount of government debt, back to work in new York city in Midtown Manhattan.

This scoreboard mounted on the wall of one of the buildings in downtown Manhattan with a company real estate the Durst Corporation, worked before, but six months ago it was removed for updates.

Now the panels re-installed and happily blinking led lamps, reports that the total debt of the country 20,546 trillion, and every American family (of 4 people) accounts for almost a quarter of a million dollars.

16 years ago the U.S. national debt was 15 trillion less. That’s how we live.

I hope that Yellowstone will write everything?

Consuming 40% of world GDP, USA produces less than 20%. The difference you need somewhere to get…

Debt is good when you’re growing up. But America is not growing at a pace and the debt is already too large.

Someone will say – “they live and spit on the debt of a skyscraper”

To this I answer, problems will arise not in the moment when the debt will have to pay (in theory all the time to keep it so, and to serve only the interest), and then when the debt will cease to grow at +$1 trillion a year.


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