Even the Patriarch and the FSB don’t know what “the feelings of believers”


Alexander Golovenko

Actually I wanted to write about the ideological and political teacher of President Vladimir Putin from the St. Petersburg city hall.

After Vladimir Putin at a press conference in the Chinese city of Xiamen called it “an outstanding figure of our times”, many wanted to refresh your memory.

Since its entry into the Communist party in 1988 on the eve of the first alternative elections in the Federal Supreme Council and ending February 19, 2000. When the number of Svetlogorsk hotels stopped running life a staunch fighter against the “totalitarianism”.

Then, the stories, administrator was approached by a visitor to the Moscow guest and said, “something your guest has ceased to move”.

But I screwed it up Nyasha, and not just me. Just yesterday she was shocked respectable audience with a sensational message that is initiating a Director A. the Teacher lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity… Saint of the Royal Family. Yes-S.

And to sue it will by proxy from a certain 90-year old woman from Canada, who supposedly brought the three times removed niece of “Nicholas the Bloody”. I mean the Emperor, executed during the Civil war by the verdict of Uralsoveta.

And all because of the notorious “religious feelings”, which offends the historical blockbuster “Matilda” about a romantic relationship … well, you get the idea.

Best known as half of the earth disc, our Crimean Charmer put your whole self on the altar of the struggle for these feelings. And in early April I at the request of readers and the instruction of the edition was sent in her name to the state Duma an open letter “And the Deputy Poklonskaya will be able to prove that she is a believer? (http://www.yaplakal.com/forum7/topic1575441.html ).

It, as usual, recorded what was sent to me by e-mail incoming number – 2.8-15-44515 from 03/04/2017.

In this message we will, in particular, asked Deputy N. Poklonsky to clarify some of the concepts that she has for many months operates in their grueling war with the historical blockbuster “Matilda” and its Director A. Teacher. So:

a) who is, in Your opinion, a “believer”? The law interpretation no. How and what it can, in particular, in court to confirm or to prove their faith in God?

b) how would You explain such an intangible substance as “feelings of believers”? What is it?

C) what is the “insult of religious feelings of believers”? The law also is not a definition. Maybe there is at least an approximate list of blasphemous acts, the General public is unknown? In this case, it would be good to publish.

Five months have passed but no response we have received. It does not tolerate the thought that the ex-the Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea and the current Deputy of the state Duma Committee on security, comrade Poklonskaya does not know our laws, what is require to respond to the applicant within one month. And then five passed.

Hence the conclusion: no Natalia Vladimirovna does not exist in nature. Sources in the “Society of Russian hackers” claim that her way is the collective holographic beam of rays emanating from the cellars of the Lubyanka. And, maybe, and the Central Bank.

You will be surprised, but for such queries we have not answered any of the head of the Investigative Committee Mr. Alexander Bastrykin, nor the official representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Legoyda, Chairman of Verhsuda g-n Lebedev. FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov also declined to answer, although they’re also exposed “komuniko”.

Do not you imagine? Even if the Patriarch and the chief intelligence Agency of the country do not know what the “feelings of believers”, then someone else to ask for?

The Lord God with acknowledgment of receipt? Addresses not know.

And if so, then it is surprising to the outstanding insanity of the domestic judicial system. None of the lawmakers of the state Duma and high law enforcement chiefs do not know that who is a “believer” and what is “the feelings of believers”.

But for their reproach against the “scoffer” active criminal cases, awarded them a decent fines or even time.

View fresh eye to the case of the Ekaterinburg works Ruslan Sokolovsky – 3.5 years. Though conditional, but still. And most importantly – for what?


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