Even the most modern diesel engines are harmful – study


Даже самые современные дизельные двигатели вредные, - исследованиеEven those that meet the standards Euro 6.

After volkswagenesque of disilicate most manufacturers have taken steps to provide a “clean future” as its diesel vehicles. However, recent research shows that even the most modern engines on heavy fuel emit significantly more nitrogen oxides than permitted by the regulations.

Independent initiative called The Real Urban Emissions (TRUE) conducted a study on more than 370,000 vehicles in the UK, France and other European countries. During the test, the TRUE diesel engines of Euro 3, 4 and 5 showed extremely poor results in the emission of harmful substances, which is not surprising. But the fact that almost all new diesel cars are classified according to the standards of Euro 6, received the same rating, meaning they emit more than 180 mg/km of nitrogen oxide. The only cars that got a little better rating, turned out to be cars BMW.

The study demonstrates the TRUE legacy of disilicate – tens of millions of diesel engines daily produce toxic smog that we breathe.

However, the European automobile manufacturers Association (ACEA) said that from next year begin to act Euro standards 6d, and some vehicles are equipped with their motors already, so the situation has a positive trend of development.

Даже самые современные дизельные двигатели вредные, - исследование


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