Even the bosses have a maturing sense of impasse and understanding that using a cheat it doesn’t get


Даже у начальства зреет ощущение тупика и понимание, что с помощью жульничества из него не выбраться

Elitka – a thing is not monolithic. And there is also a lot of different points of view, although the propaganda veil that focus on the most simple of citizens, it is not noticeable. Here is a recent example – a short interview with media BA-a-alshich stars: https://philologist.livejournal.com/11538006.html?utm_source=fbsharing&fbclid=IwAR3d9OoUTje7LtScA-hGAtahdlOZ6wM5LACJWe-ydXrf6OQZ5n-vvlF02KI . He understands everything correctly. And he is not alone, I suppose. That to a certain extent encouraging.


And it is nice that some of these guys, especially the ones belonging to the old school, not so easy to buy (and because they’re all there, and because Pionersky hardening still sometimes makes itself known). Unlike the oligarchs, who nachalnichki already prepared the promised gift – reduction of three times the tax on the export of money through Russian offshore companies: https://www.finanz.ru/novosti/aktsii/oligarkham-v-rossiyskikh-ofshorakh-vtroe-snizyat-nalogi-na-vyvod-kapitala-1029400749?fbclid=iwar2qrf9bjwrghjzkncghd0umvioeywtwxltufvwelvu12itz_aosji72_hu .

In the world of greed bigotry and cash, by the way, it is ridiculously opposite. There are millionaires themselves are asked to raise their taxes so that the country had the money to fight the impact of the pandemic: https://openmedia.io/news/n1/lyudi-vazhnee-deneg-millionery-iz-ssha-poprosili-podnyat-dlya-nix-nalogi-radi-borby-s-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR0IkzhDScrxXQYebpwENs5kPFsvbPKHssTzbq_vh6FIETuAs8mXMVQG_gI . However, what do we care? We also say a separate civilization…

But – funny. OPEC caught Russia violating the agreement to limit oil production: https://www.finanz.ru/novosti/birzhevyye-tovary/rossiyu-priznali-narushitelnicey-sdelki-opek+-1029400429?fbclid=iwar36pff2c0ymmi8zymtoack8ymh60iq5qv9kg8colmjpfo2ejjtiqlkqyoy . In fairness I must say that in this matter cheating many countries, but mostly undeveloped. So what’s important is not the fact itself (with the reputation we have long seams), and the forthcoming possible punishment (it isn’t that great), and the place that all this points.

And also about reputation. British brothers complain that Russian hackers trying to steal secrets of the vaccine against the coronavirus: https://www.finanz.ru/novosti/aktsii/britaniya-obvinila-rossiyu-v-popytke-pokhitit-vakcinu-ot-covid-1029402434?fbclid=iwar2juilvikk4xukfakod2unmenuwvndrk1ivmm6gcvfud_dyb3tmatkfbry . No, the DAC-Carpi practice to the best of all. The trouble is not that. And that about others say much less. To steal, you know, too, should be able to. So the problem – at low skills and all. But different in many negative selection of the authorities, nepotism, destruction of education and contempt for the professionalism and can not be. And this is just emerging reputation of the country.

Well the funny thing. Vaccine-there are no problems with the Chinese cough, cough will not solve. For immunity, the vast majority of survivors disappears after three months: https://hightech.plus/2020/07/13/vakcina-ne-spaset-immunitet-k-kovidu-sohranyaetsya-vsego-3-mesyaca . Here it is – at least objectinherit! Well, or this should be done once a quarter. The global pharmaceutical lobby this option would, of course, gave the most. But something tells me that the lobby will wipe. The world, of course, mad, but yet seem not so. I can not say for pampered civilized countries with their decent medicine and an enviable life expectancy, and even in Third world countries where people live so poorly and it sucks that the coronavirus against this background, they didn’t even notice (more about that here: https://rusfond.ru/medicine/066?fbclid=IwAR1csrIJ5NzhyVBP2QvU6OovXIlChfDJ1Pl98hlUicJM8FFQm7MKhbcVphA ), the vaccine will score exactly together.

With statistics ill in the country, by the way, there is some very very enchanting and now almost disinterested mess (however, where it is not?): https://echo.msk.ru/blog/serpompo2018/2677279-echo/?fbclid=IwAR3yggtVj37e0cyAjkFoyZWgSX15O5XNB6jq3CcxCjd6Rt22h3i9Bs6umtU . But whatever it is is connected, shows it’s not about the horribleness of the virus, but rather about the horribleness at the end lying nachalnichkov.

Well, about the economy, ditched the quarantine. If in China it is already potihonku growing (if not lying and they can), we have, judging even according to the varnish actually Rosstat, continues to dive that month, except that now a little slower: https://www.finanz.ru/novosti/aktsii/rosstat-nashel-u-promyshlennosti-vtoroe-dno-1029403312?fbclid=iwar17ubjs0uy6ije9fpqzp9d4zz6fe8-xy1nq0kk_gl7g-q4irnoclcr9c-u . This is called “confidence in the future”. But the bottom is still far.

Alexey Scoff





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