Europe is increasingly dependent on Russian gas


Европа все больше становится независимой от российского газа

Beyond my understanding the logic of American opponents of the “Nord stream-2”. They argue that, dropping almost 85% of its gas exports through one Germany, Moscow reportedly receiving a lever of political influence on Europe. But, on the other hand, Germany will be a powerful lever: by turning off gas imports in this 85-percent route, she put “Gazprom” on your knees. The Germans and other Europeans in those places there are alternative sources of gas.

In the end, Europe is increasingly dependent on Russian gas. When in late 2014 — early 2015, Putin ordered Gazprom to dramatically reduce the supply of (wanting to put an end to the European “re-exports” to Ukraine), the market in Europe has not reacted in any way. The prices remained the same, For panic there was no hint. But “Gazprom” has lost from-for Putin’s order more than 4 billion dollars of lost profits.

Remember that Europe gets roughly a third of the energy imports from Russia (oil, oil products, coal, gas), and for all fuels, except gas to several countries, she has the opportunity to appeal to other suppliers. But Russia 80-85% dependent on energy exports to Europe… that’s another question, who holds the balls.


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