Eugene Mishka has published 15 unexpected facts about themselves


The star of “district” shared the revelations in his birthday.

Actor Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh 35 years old. To your birthday, the birthday boy had made 15 admissions.

The revelation of the actor Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh:

1. The most unusual place where I celebrated my birthday, it’s a train compartment. Generally, the more often this day I meet in nature, in the company of friends and loved ones.
2. The most expensive gift that I gave to the birthday, is a mobile phone.
3. If “95 Quarter” was not in my life, I would become an alcoholic.
4. I will never take the stage in drugs, in a Thong and in meat.
5. I’m scared to death of skydiving, although always wanted to try to do it. But after Nastya Kamensky unsuccessfully jumped, the desire was gone.
6. In addition to the work and friendship of me and Zelensky connects the desire to move confidently forward no matter what.
7. If you could go back in time one day, it would be the day I last saw my father.
8. At home I often do that watching TV shows with family and playing with children.
9. In his future wife Ksenia I fell in love at first sight. The first thing I thought upon seeing it: “Holy shit! Why is she not paying any attention to me?!”.
10. I’m glad the father of two daughters, and dream that they grew good people.
11. My main life ambition is to never stop.
12. Most fans write to me online about how I’m amazing and mimimi. Well, sometimes, sometimes, of course, something like “fuck off and die”.
13. Ringtone now I have the song Mozgi – “Policemen”. In General, each person I have a different tune. So, if the wife calls, it plays “Swan” by max Lawrence and Bianca, the daughter – the song “Varvara” by Bi-2, and if Vova Zelensky – old song Volodya-Volodya.
14. I would like to visit New Zealand.

15. I actually have a good character. But sometimes it is bad.


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