EU introduces new rules for car sales


ЕС вводит новые правила продажи автомобилейThe EU Ministers agreed to develop new rules.

The EU Ministers agreed on may 29 to develop a new regulation allowing the sale of cars to prevent a repeat of the scandal with the Volkswagen emissions and to provide the European Commission fined producers of cheaters directly.

Rules that are still to be discussed with the European Parliament before they become law, are a response to the scandal with diesel engines by 2015, when the German automaker Volkswagen, was found to have used the software for cheating during tests on emissions from diesel engines in the United States.

Under the current system of national bodies, such KBA of Germany, have the right to license new vehicles for sale throughout the European Union and can also revoke these licenses.

The new rules will allow national authorities to consider such decisions and to provide the European Commission with the opportunity to conduct spot checks and fine the producers up to €30 thousand for one vehicle, if they are caught cheating.

After the scandal with the Volkswagen research cars of other automakers showed that the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) vehicles sometimes exceed 15-fold of normal limits. In addition, we found frequent use of special devices to mask the real level of emissions.

“No week goes by without new revelations, new investigations, – said the EU Commissioner Elzbieta of Bienkowska Ministers. – It will never end if we will not have a more reliable system in Europe.”


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