On the high Bank of the great Siberian river was a large but dilapidated two-storey house was once the proud classical portico with columns at the entrance, but now the caller only gloom and sadness your obleplennuyu walls with a shabby coat of paint over peeling plaster. The building was on the edge of a small town, lost among the vast dense forest and had only a small railway station in connection with a larger world, where he led a huge steel bridge over the lead and always cold waters. Most of the year the sky was the same dull gray color as the whole town seemed covered with cement dust from a single industrial enterprise, barely supporting life in this godforsaken backwater.

However, in the rare Sunny days of late summer nature happy residents not only weather but also mushrooms, berries and nuts. And now the Bear wandered in search of pasture overgrown with bushes neighborhood, getting through the secret hole in the rotten fence enclosing the children’s home. Orphans that did not spoil the pickles, and the growing body of a boy demanded regular and full of calories. Sometimes you can catch Rabeh homemade fishing rod, and then grill on the twigs there on the shore, but in winter had to go into town to beg or steal, and then to take money by force from local schoolchildren. Therefore, orphans were not loved, and having caught, often beaten. This time almost warm company of his best pals have left after lessons, and he went into the forest alone.

This time nothing worthy to get failed and the boy is pretty tired. Sunset ray is already painted the fire a thick willow Bush, when suddenly there was heard a hoarse whisper.

Psst, kid, come on hilai here. Don’t worry, not eat, I am now fed from behind a Bush I heard a staccato laugh, like barking.

– Who are you, what do you want?- the kid is a little timid, but tried to keep force. Gone to give it was still possible, but not solid – You do, I can’t see you?

– You don’t need. The time will come, all he’ll know. Is you village? – Bear realized that the stranger has in mind the Shiner under his eye and nodded sheepishly.

– Well, we then deal with them. Obey going to be like a father. I see you Shnyrev sensible, small not understand everything, but sardella praise.

In a boarding school, few people knew his real parents. From most of the babies abandoned in the maternity ward. It was no surprise when the terrible environmental and General drunkenness of the local population. Foreign well-wishers-adopters rarely flew in these lands, and among indigenous people such otrodjas was not found. Mishan was not a conscientious objector, but did not know their ancestors. As the nurses told him that they found him as a baby the daughter of the Director of the orphanage, in a boat, sailed out of nowhere. Perhaps that is why the boy wasn’t a moron and learned very well, sometimes abusing the patronage of the Director, which for a long crooked nose, the students name was Ptah. But also the possible acquisition of the self-styled father-patron he has been very nice and helpful.

In many children’s educational institutions of Siberia, the period of adolescence was defined by a belief in AUE, the prisoner’s lifestyle and concepts grafted leaning areas with criminals, whom have settled in those parts insane for a long time. Young generation of disenfranchised prepared persistently and purposefully, forcing them to steal and even to plunder, collecting tribute from all others in a common Fund, needed the heating of the still hovering on the bunk inmates. Resisting or objecting beaten, humiliated, quickly breaking the child’s psyche and forcing them to accept what is happening injustice as an integral reality of existence. The teenager soon realized that it is much better to collect tribute, rather than to give, but it was necessary power and authority, to get himself the head of his own gang.

However, while he was small, they commanded not only the students, but also nurses and other staff. Especially rampant evil giant Warder, forcing children to scrub toilets with a toothbrush, do push-UPS in the night, and at leisure, to dig potatoes in his own garden. Bear suffered from this no less than others, but secretly hoarded hatred, hoping to kill the bastard. He told all this newfound parent, met with full understanding. It seemed that he and everything he knew, immediately promised to free the orphans from criminal extortion, beatings and brutality. But for the support and protection demanded daily food, tobacco and share in the profits. It was a reasonable price, and future accomplices quickly entered into a criminal conspiracy.

The consequences were not long in coming. Soon the guard found at the cottage into the rear hole with a shovel, and some time later where-that disappeared and looking for the village from the lesson. The debris was not very zealous in the search, but when the station suddenly appeared an unknown broad-shouldered guys in black leather jackets, local crime footage began to die one after another under mysterious circumstances. Description the investigation team did aboriginal life calmer, and it became clear that it is good all over. Around the orphanage began to shrink circles, although the interrogations never dragged, but Bear complained to the Tillage, as he demanded to call himself now, although still preferred to hide his identity among the thickets.

Don’t worry simpleton, not seen. You – Kent lucky break through. We just have to beat feet do cheerfully answered fiance’s father, and after it was added, but to do this you korefanami would have the party at the hill to.

– Where do we go? Who and where are we needed? We here like even after the release of housing promised… and let us go right now – he doubted it was the boy, but quickly received strong it failed.

– You are to whom loaf crumbles, punk? I am responsible for the market. I know the place is so cherished, there always dry, warm and comfortable. Live like Gorgol, age will not see! – assured the new guy a good dad, and she balked – threaten that you will not find it. And tell her there, so do not talk too much, and to go prepared.

Ptah listened carefully to embarrassed Bear, but refused, citing the beginning of the academic year and need to finish at least 9th grade. For the promise of a hunger strike laughed at the orphanage and did not spoil the diet, and to cut the vein offered in Durkee. Fake it was nothing. Well, at least not put in isolation. Had to harm in the small. Seriously, no one was hurt, but a short circuit and burning of old mattresses had been made. The impression is not made, but the weather began to deteriorate, the river was covered with the first ice, and to live in nature became uncomfortable for even the experienced convict. But raskisshaya from dirt land seized and lost usual for these places midges. Zeke decided not to delay and go on the run before a serious frost, not yet won a real snow.

The bear was to inform and convince the homies to collect their belongings and provisions, and borrow or steal everything that could be useful in the long road. When everything was ready, agreed that the Godfather goes first, checking the ice and will highlight flashlight, denoting direction of movement. Spoil counterfeit vodka new guard, midnight spoke, trying not to make noise and not get lost in the dark. Across the river were one, holding the rope and cautiously listening to the crackle of fragile ice, but God spared me and everyone soon got to the opposite shore, where they finally meet their secret leader. It turned out that it is necessary to go not to the road, and even further into the thicket that would unearth only driven him a treasure. To argue no one dared, despite the cold, fear and fatigue.

The next day they missed and sent the chase at the remaining tracks, but the police Car fell in a few meters under the ice and wet and cold by the detectives needed help. When the evening reinforcements arrived from the district center, the fugitives to seek it was too late. While I agree with the military about a helicopter it took another few days. Then the weather deteriorated for a long time, the clouds sank low and Pamela drifting snow. Among the countless ravines and caves of the foothills, their traces were lost completely. Came another Commission, the guard was fired, the Director declared reprimand, but the extra noise did not, sending only the orientation in the surrounding areas. The scandal of the authorities was not needed, it was easier to write off a couple dozen brats.

After a week wandering in the forest, the fugitives were vybrali to the dark rock under a huge boulder unearthed a heavy metal container with a weird black icon in the yellow circle. Godfather why I ordered to put it on a cut down stick and not to touch. Then moved in him only the slave route through the freezing forest. They never came nor railroad nor the highway, but say they saw them in different places. Feral and hungry flock flew on a small HOMESTEAD and station, robbed and killed, taking first clothes, shoes and food. During the years of wandering they used to sleep on the damp ground or random caves, good at camouflage, and feed on the things of heaven. Maybe in 40 years they will come to people, but will still do people – is unknown.


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