ESA is preparing a revolutionary rocket engine


ESA готовит революционный ракетный двигатель It provides the movement of goods at a lower weight.

In the UK it is an active construction site for the tests in Birmingham. ESA is preparing a revolutionary rocket engine SABRE, which can open a new era in the development of technology.

Experts of the space Agency examined the object and came to the conclusion that the motors of the highest class ready for implementation. First tests will be held on a specially designated area, and then will begin the implementation phase of the project in reality. ESA SABRE prepares to deliver missiles to the ISS. The advantage of the new launcher is its power.

Due to this, engineers will save a huge amount of resources in conditions of scarcity. ESA is financing the project together with the British Agency UKSA. In total, the organization has invested on the implementation of the plan 60 million pounds. Participation of ESA in the production of the SABRE began in 2010.

The engine of this class is the first step to the colonization of Mars, say scientists. Physicists have long talked about the need to seek resources outside of the Earth. Test motor will hold in a special unit. Now it is made in Buckinghamshire.


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