Ernst updates the entity and the channel’s content, not to “update” it?


Эрнст обновляет лица и содержание канала, чтобы не "обновили" его?

The First channel has passed a series of significant layoffs – have already confirmed the departure of actor and TV presenter Alexander Oleshko

In a press-service of the channel reported that the showman does not work for them for about six months. The channel did not renew the contract with the host of the popular program “a hair’s-breadth” due to the fact that it “could not find suitable projects”. Earlier it became known that the channel goes Andrey Malakhov – almost the face of the channel, presenter of the daily programmes in Prime time. What’s going on – why “the First channel” “loses” their faces?

Эрнст обновляет лица и содержание канала, чтобы не "обновили" его?

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On the one hand, experts Накануне.RU explain all the usual phrase “just business, nothing personal”, on the other hand, political analysts believe – ineverything that happens to the main public channel in the run-up to 2018, is politics, and permutations of such a plan don’t just happen. Perhaps we will have a planned rebranding ORT. Still, “the First channel” is a television showcase of the state, and the state, even vulgar-market, before the elections should try to keep up.

“Of course, everything that happens on “the First channel” even in the entertainment sector – is politics. The Central channel constant control of the head of state, Putin remembers as television in 1999-2000 made him in the short term policy of the Federal scale, and, therefore, understands that this is a key resource. Of course, this is not such an important media sector, as it was in the beginning of “zero” when the Internet, roughly speaking, was not, but, nevertheless, the television audience and now is the key,” says in an interview with Накануне.RU political scientist, Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Pavel Salin.

A year ago in October, observers widely discussed the discontent of Putin – the alleged “First” bad fulfilled the political agenda of the State Duma elections. Someone regarded it as a stuffing against the General Director Konstantin Ernst, and someone agreed that the canal has ceased to meet the objectives of the government and moreover he had ceased to answer the queries of the audience, forever stuck in the 90s with their trace with West TV show, a melodrama about the “bloody regime” and police serials, ad nauseam.

Эрнст обновляет лица и содержание канала, чтобы не "обновили" его?

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The apotheosis of popular indignation became Christmas “lights” has got everything, but most critics got sets the tone of the “First channel”. The fans even made a petition which said that all tired of looking at hypnotherapy from year to year and listen to jokes Galkin. The elderly diva and part-time young mother Alla Borisovna took it all in, its defense stood up the fans, but it was certainly not in it – and the whole concept of television vinaigrette. This Ernst answered with the promise of “people hawala” – that, in General, the ratings is, therefore, no reason to change anything there. And in particular about the new year programme and so no one is watching completely, what difference does that show? A very strange statement, because everyone knows since the postman Pechkin, that in New year the main decoration of the table is a TV. What if they show such a stale product that a piece stuck in my throat?

Fee for complacency turned out to be significant – at the beginning of January 2016, the media reported that TV channel “Russia 1” ( RTR) for the first time became the most popular in the country. This was evidenced by the data of Mediascope (formerly TNS Russia). However, as the sun to the sunset, “First channel” of inertia and rolled down all the beginning of 2017, and the position of Ernst further spoiled the movie “Viking”, which caused ambiguous attitude to become a leader in the rental (Ernst was the producer of the film). Displeasure was secret and the decision of the “First channel” to send to dubious Eurovision singer with disabilities, the intrigue was kept until March, ahead of a nationwide vote. Knowing how our fellow citizens arrive in Ukraine, the society will seriously become afraid for life and health is fragile and defenseless, Yulia Samoilova, accusing Ernst of cruelty and the desire to cash in on the ratings. And the final act of the extravaganza of vulgarity became shirokoborodov show, where he appeared, repeatedly, the girl has already become a “meme” – Diana Shurygina.

Эрнст обновляет лица и содержание канала, чтобы не "обновили" его?

Frame: “Let them talk”. Issue 31 January 2017

“We do have a problem with Federal channels just from the point of view of the conceptual, from the creative point of view – a lot of tastiness, a lot of bad taste, says in an interview with Накануне.RU publicist and writer, Dmitry Lekuh. – Is long-not sold in seconds, and the points of the rating, and any rise or fall the rating is instantly reflected on the economy of the enterprise. It has long been mathematics, and say that I don’t care, watching someone’s Christmas program or not – it’s just cunning. I don’t think great ratings gives either raped, whether she “raped” the entire population of the country Shurygina. It is unlikely that her presence gave crazy ratings. As for Oleshko, Malakhova, the channel of this level is not a private shop, this is a serious venture and, of course, this kind of personnel changes are made on the basis of sociological research. Because I am sure that such permutations when it comes to the face of the channel, are not accepted by accident. Or decided to upgrade the frames because the necessary rebranding, or the numbers have gone down.”

It is noteworthy that the fight against Ernst unidentified community started in 2014, when the first such stuffing – that he is unable to lead the main mouthpiece in the state that are stuck in the 90s that Putin is dissatisfied with him personally. And the rumors that have been circulating for a long time, now given new impetus with the upcoming elections in 2018. According to political analyst Pavel Salin, today unfolding struggle over the agenda for the next presidency:

“What will be the agenda from the standpoint of domestic policy – this will be the agenda in the interests of the “siloviki”, or in the interests of those who are called liberals? In fact, I would call them rather by technocrats, because the liberals is somewhat different (the liberals we had in the 90s). Ernst is a media Manager who made his career in the 90s, and therefore on the part of the security wing no confidence in it, they want to put more loved ones, those in whom they are more confident. When the government are in a difficult situation, as it was in the late 80-ies, this media management 90 can strike back. They can be attributed to those whom Dugin called “the sixth column”, that is not open liberals, and hidden. And Ernst’s opponents are considered to be hidden “the sixth column” and therefore are constantly trying to change it”.

The analyst notes that Putin, in turn, understands that even though the security forces and good in defence and maybe the sphere of political administration, but in the economy they are not allowed, and television is ruled by other groups (note that for owners – close to the President businessmen). The changes in personnel that occur on the “First channel”, of course, connected with politics, but experts are not inclined to believe that this is another “tunnel” at Ernst. Indeed, is ripe for a new public inquiry, and the TV station loses audience and the support of the authorities.

“Yes, I really hope that will change on the channel not only form but also content. “First channel”, was indeed a long time in some measure the face of the country, and would like to continue to be a person and not tried to demonstrate the opposite part of the body. But this, unfortunately, always can only hope but never expect, says in an interview with Накануне.RU political consultant and TV presenter Anatoly Wasserman. Now on our national television is not the main – training and education of our citizens. And as a result, neither the advertisers nor reklamonositeli don’t understand the nature of what is happening with our processes – they tend to react to immediate circumstances instead of any visionary plans. But to advertise educational programs impossible. What is the solution? In the USSR the state educational channel, namely its frequency, by the way, gave NTV Yeltsin as payment for what NTV is very ingeniously spoil Yeltsin’s reputation, and then offered its services at its repair. Perhaps existing practice in the Union is necessary to restore and create a new public channel”.


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