Epic Games Store has prepared a free game


Digital distribution store Epic Games Store has prepared for its users the next game, which you can get totally free.

This week are encouraged to review the draft Sundered from the creators of the Jotun, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to itc.ua.

Sundered is a hand-drawn chaotic metroidvania where you have to fight with the ancient terrible forces. The player will fight off waves of enemies in a constantly changing world, inspired by the books of H. P. Lovecraft.

The main character ash wanders in a broken world. She fell into the trap of ever-changing caves, filled with waves of terrifying enemies. To defeat giant bosses, you need to harness the power of distorted relics.

“Sundered: Terrible edition” includes updated “Mogul Gong”, which is available cooperative play via LAN for up to four players, as well as a new region and the chaotic battle against the new boss: Tycoon Gong!

Giveaway games Sundered will last until January 17. To the game in the store Epic Games Store at the following address or in the official desktop client of the service.

However, the digital distribution service Humble Bundle, too, decided to gladden its customers with the free distribution of the game. This service is offered to casual game Headsnatchers. The main goal is to deprive the heads of their opponents.

The user is prompted to challenge your friends in fights, the purpose of which is to rip the head from the shoulders of the opponent and using it to achieve the much desired victory. The game is available Headsnatchers 25 funny card with a unique, incredible tools and features, their rules and tactics. In the game you can throw skulls of their comrades in the ring, throw your head grandfather through a portal to hell and drain the head of his sister in the toilet. In total, the game sold more than 100 unique heads, including a reference to pop culture. If this not enough, you can create your own unique head with the help of Golovachova — editor goals. You can save up to 20 of their heads. The game supports 4 modes, including collective (network and local) for four users and single mode “Castle zombie.”

Giveaway game Headsnatchers is in the service of the Humble Bundle at the following address. The resulting code will need to be activated in Steam. However, you need to hurry, as the giveaway Headsnatchers will be held only until January 12.


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