Epic Games Fortnite was removed from a guided rocket launcher


Epic Games убрала из Fortnite управляемую ракетницуShe could come back, but in a new form.

Flights on managed missiles quickly became a signature feature of Fortnite. Which, incidentally, appeared in the game only thanks to creativity of the players — the developers anything even imagined. But they have to think about separate impressive features, but about the health of the whole game. And guided missiles this health harm.

To such conclusion Epic Games after the analysis of the gameplay and user reviews. It was therefore decided to remove the weapons from the game, which the representative of the company and reported in Reddit. However, they’re going to think about the future of RPGs, and not just threw it in the trash. So she could come back, but in a new form.

Also, developers took a look at the situation over time, adopted one or another trunk. This option was introduced in order to prevent instantaneous change weapons with a low rate of fire, avoiding thus the lack of it, but maintaining dignity. However, after additional reflection it was decided that the sniper rifle and the crossbow is not much of an instant change to win. Therefore the delay was removed. Shotgun, revolver, hand cannon and rocket launcher will continue to fire with a delay after the change.


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