Epic Games closes the project Paragon


Epic Games закрывает проект ParagonThe Paragon servers will shut down on April 26.

A few weeks ago Epic Games has said that the future of the “mobs” Paragon vague. In the end, the Studio chose to take the path of least resistance — since gamers are a lot more went Fortnite, then Paragon is better to say goodbye forever.

The Paragon servers will shut down on April 26. That game worked as it should, requires stable activity. Epic Games admits to not being able to find a clear path of development, which Paragon will remain viable. The Studio admits his guilt and apologizes to the community.

To the credit of Epic Games, words alone she shrugs. The company offers to return the money to any player for any purchase of Paragon on any platform. Instructions on how to request “refund”, study in the official news.

In conclusion, Epic Games warns that even though the servers Paragon will run until 26 April, most likely, the population of the “mobs” will start to decrease faster, so the quality of matchmaking and waiting times will deteriorate.


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