Epic Games announces digital games store


Epic Games анонсировала цифровой магазин игрInitially Epic Games Store will be focused on PC users running operating systems Windows and macOS.

Company Epic Games, known primarily as the Creator of the game series Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, battle Royal Fortnite, as well as the popular game Engine, Unreal Engine, announced the work on your own digital distribution service Epic Games Store.

In order to attract third-party developers on its platform, Epic Games offers quite favorable terms: 88% of the proceeds from sales of the game will fall into the pocket of the developer, regardless of the engine (now they have to pay 5% per licensing Unreal Engine 4).

For comparison, at the moment on Steam and Google Play Store royalty services is 30% of the profits. However, just recently, Steam announced a new scheme of distribution of the money from sales of games and digital content.

So, if total sales of a specific computer game will exceed $10 million or $50 million, the Commission will be reduced to 25% or 20%, respectively. In any case, the terms and conditions of Epic Games Store look more interesting, however, behind Steam is world famous and more than 150 million active audience of the service.

Initially Epic Games Store will be focused on PC users running operating systems Windows and macOS. In future we plan to support Android and presumably the OS family of Linux.

Of the interesting features of the project include program support bloggers and streamers. Each of the bloggers who will post a referral link on the Epic Games Store, will receive some income for the sold copies of games. For incentive programs Epic Games will cover 5% of the income of content creators in the first two years after launch.

Epic Games анонсировала цифровой магазин игр


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