Entrepreneur, politician, opposition leader Gennady Gudkov: the Kremlin once again decided to turn the rake back


Предприниматель, политик, оппозиционер Геннадий Гудков: в Кремле опять решили повернуть грабли назад


An excerpt from today’s story on “Radio Liberty.”


Abbreviations: EP: Elena Rykovtseva (presenter), GG: Gennady Gudkov

EP: Alexander from Moscow, Hello, speak please.

Alexander: Yes, good evening ! I have a question the following guests to the Studio, they believe is linked to the following events: the actual Russian agreement on the deployment of peacekeepers, heard from the lips of Putin; the termination of the criminal case against Browder; and the recognition of the lack of doping among our Olympians. All these events occurred almost simultaneously, as if such mutual courtesy. How to illuminate these events Studio guests ?

GG: Well, I deeply do not dig, as Alexander. That’s why I can only say that obviously. This is what the Russian establishment, a significant part of it, said, this is now the opposition to an increasingly restrictive with the world, and especially with the United States, extremely dangerous. And not only for Russia and the Russian people, but their capital in America, their families in America for their children in America, for themselves, for the freedom of movement that many of them are now deprived. And so here is the discontent with Putin’s policies – it is deaf, unopened – but it is growing. And I think that Mr Putin is no fool, and he understands, and always to keep in check his pack, which stole billions, but wants to live in a European, he can’t. So he needs to maneuver and how ? Need to give some signals that we are not monsters and that we weren’t a country that hasn’t understood anything. Moreover, I would have tied more searches or inspections, as it is called by the Americans, our consular premises, which are closed – that is certainly the humiliation of Russia, showed her her place… you can Type in whatever you want to do, but we are the superpower, but you are long gone, and we are not afraid of any of your responses because you have them in principle, but raised the nuclear club, the more you have nothing left… And I think our signal this well regarded and understood, what is the next step or to answer or completely tear, plunge the country into absolute isolation, in a state of almost poluvoyny with US or to give back… note: Putin – he often gives back… That Ukraine is indeed in the Russian establishment had developed a serious plan of Ottaviani – sorry for the unparliamentary expression – half of the territory at least up to Kiev, right ? And then turned back the shafts, and with the referendum in the Donbas and Luhansk was turned shafts back. Not recognized ! There are South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been recognized, but not here ! And what is there cost ? Here’s a thought, thought and decided: that to this line we go, and then – no, back up…. I think that some of the events happening in the world today, is to some extent a signal of the possible reverse which gives our establishment world, primarily the us… And there is doping doping, athletes, and so on, you can search the thousands of signs… But the trend is this: realized that I played, I realized that the situation in the country deteriorates, that will not be better that the problems grow like a snowball, what would we do there ?

EP: that is still rolled back, rewind ?

GG: IN the Kremlin there are such visionaries that they sincerely believe that only sanctions hinder us to live a normal life. They do not realize that they have brought the country to a standstill, they do not understand that the vertical of power has exhausted itself and that it will do nothing for development, they do not understand that the crisis was inevitable… Yes, he would have started later and would, maybe, not as sharp… the Sanctions is as a catalyst for the chemical process left there three grains – and immediately went to a powerful chemical process. Here exactly the same role played by sanctions in our crisis – nothing more. The crisis is an internal phenomenon. And here are our there in the Kremlin seriously pray the fact to cancel the sanctions, while we are alive. Well, know this, blessed are those who believe !


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