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The rise in price of games, care of major companies and more domestic movie — how to change the Russian entertainment industry

Let’s face it — fans of video games and movies in Russia very few reasons for joy. The previous year was marked by large-scale locks Telegram, which affected many games and services, and over the past few months the reasons for the sadness only increased. Tell the changes in the entertainment industry.

Care Microsoft

American giant is slowly but surely turning away from the Russian market. First, the website stopped the sale Office, and more recently, the company said “no” to the ruble. Now all prices in the online Microsoft store converted to dollars, and with them went the era of regional prices.

In late February, Microsoft stopped selling even Xbox Live Gold subscription and Xbox Game Pass. For users from Russia, their loss is particularly relevant: the company often organized rallies and sold subscriptions for just 60 roubles. Now they can be purchased only at the retail partners of the company — for example, in “M. Video”.
The closure of the Russian units EA

After Microsoft to leave the Russian market has decided Electronic Arts. In late March, the company unexpectedly announced the closure of the Moscow office, which now goes to the joint and the extended region of “Eastern Europe / Emerging markets”.

“Russia remains a strong market for EA, and Russian players are very important to us. The changes will not lead to lower support level and localization of EA games in Russia. The changes will not affect the performance of any EA games in the digital stores or in retail,” promised the company. However, many journalists believe the closing of the office very disturbing call. For example, to get to the press preview of some new items and tell about it to the Russian players will become more difficult.

The price increase Sony and Nintendo

From the beginning it became clear that the price of games will inevitably increase following the fluctuations of the Euro. First of all, the changes touched the console exclusives, although they’re already catching up to other publishers.

The PlayStation Store is no longer relevant jokes about “the movie in 4K.” The company Ubisoft, for example, already sells its new products at 500 rubles more expensive — for The Division 2 asking for 4499 rubles. Exclusives for PS4 will cost the same: first the appreciated will be the play of Days Gone, which comes out in late April. For a standard edition is now asking for 4499 rubles, and for extended — 5099 rubles.

The changes affect the online store of Nintendo. For large games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Russian player is now asking 5249 rubles (in Europe they cost 70 euros), and for projects easier — 4499 rubles. Yet sell the cartridges cheaper, but they probably will soon rise. Given that Nintendo does not like sales, it is sad.
Sound insulation

Last fall the authors of Quake Champions have disabled voice chat in Russia. Earlier so did the developers of League of Legends, explaining the new law “On counteracting terrorism”, which obliges Internet companies to store traffic for six months.

So far, this problem has affected a small number of games, but in the future things can change for the worse. Telecom operators believe that the storage traffic will require companies to multibillion-dollar investments. The same Riot Games such infrastructure there, although League of Legends is the most played game on Twitch.

More Russian cinema

In March, the Ministry of culture has requested the Association of theatre owners to shift date foreign cartoon “the Royal corgis” for the sake of the national project “Hurvinek”. The Association refused and issued an ultimatum, promising in case of transfer of “Corgi” is to refuse the screening of “Hurvínek”. The rental license on March 7, “Royal corgis” was never received, and “Hurvinek” because of a boycott was a bad start.

The Director of the Department of cinematography of Ministry of culture Olga Lyubimova later stated that the failure of the Russian cartoon “Hurvinek” blame his producers and the Ministry of culture. In her opinion, the creators should have just give up the competition. Soon the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky has decided to give the cinema Fund with the support of Russian films in distribution.

For example, the cinema Fund will be able to choose dates of major Russian Prime Minister and to move the American releases. The Ministry of culture said earlier about wanting to clean up the holidays for local art, so the chance to watch Hollywood blockbuster in the New year will be less.

Apparently, from 2019 should not expect good news. Recently Roskomnadzor announced the successful testing of a new means for blocking Telegram messenger, and before that even threatened to change the laws to block Google. The state Duma has approved the bill on the Autonomous operation of the Internet in Russia in the third reading, so with online games in the future too, problems can occur.


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