English UFO researcher recorded a UFO in the sky


Английский уфолог зафиксировал НЛО в небеThe famous English specialist in the field of UFOlogy John Mooner captured a dark spherical object in the sky over Devon.

UFO researcher believes that he was able to remove the UFO. The alien ship gave himself over Newton, Abba.

In the beginning he was able to hide behind the clouds, but later he made a maneuver, and flew into the open and began to move randomly. Having finished his reconnaissance work, the ship disappeared out of sight of the observer. UFO researcher said that he is not ready to make a final evaluation of the seen phenomenon. His colleagues suggested that the way in chaotic movement of the UFO was trying to stay to avoid fixing the earth’s devices, including a camcorder. Now the community is actively discussing the nature of an unknown object.

Yesterday in the sky over Krasnodar was seen flying fireball. It also managed to remove a few residents of this city. The nature of the unusual phenomenon later explained by scientists. They noted that it was about the wreckage of an artificial satellite, which was destroyed in the earth’s atmosphere in the sky over Kuban.


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