English clubs have spent on transfers over a billion dollars


The international football Federation (FIFA) presented the official statistics on the activity of clubs in the transfer market.

From 1 June to 1 September 2017 clubs from around the world spent 7590 transfers by 4.71 billion. Last transfer window was a record in the history of football the costs of the transfers.

Leading the European Champions (Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France) last summer made 1608 transitions by 3.67 billion in U.S. currency, which is almost three times more than for the same period in 2012.

The greatest activity in the transfer market showed clubs from England, spend to gain $ 1.4 billion. Particularly active grants – “Manchester city” “Chelsea” and “Manchester United” in total spent over 700 million dollars.

Behind England for the costs of the transfers are Spain (752 million dollars), France (604), Germany (519) Italy (506).

We will remind, last summer was the largest transfer in the history of football – Brazil striker Neymar for 222 million Euro moved from Barcelona to PSG.


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