“Empress” Russian pop struck flowered form


The years go by, and Irina Allegrova boasts beauty and youth.

In his microblog on Instagram the singer shared a photo where she is depicted in the company of Irina Allegrova. Both singers performed at the “New wave” in Sochi, where we met backstage.

Signed, the Ukrainian singer the star of the Russian stage: “the Pleasant meeting in the dressing room with the great woman and wonderful person Irina Allegrova. Again, thank you for the kind words – it’s mutual.”.

Subscribers Caroline could not resist and threw the Empress compliments, because in my 65 years Irina Allegrova looks simply stunning.

Users of the social network noted that even if Allegrova and makes plastic surgery to look younger, it comes to this issue wisely and still like herself and not “redone” peers her same age category.


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