Employment roach reservoir


As a rule, starts the lowering of the water level.

Small place off the coast of no concern to roach, despite the fact that forage base in the shallows, one way or another, remains.

It just varies, but is no longer interested in it roach. In contrast to the perch.

An important factor influencing the behavior of the fish, is the change in water temperature.

Warmer water is deeper and in warmer water and more active fish and its food of crustaceans, caddis flies and Daphnia.

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Roaches can stand in half-waters above but at a distance from the shore. This happens when there is a temperature stratification of water. However, not only the small fry, but other fish rise above.

With the approach of spring there is a significant change in the light regime beneath the ice. This forces the small fry to reduce the size of their migration in a reservoir and tied to specic places.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

Not the last role can have and the change in the oxygen regime of closed or oblong pond.

But it’s all theory. Many times anglers are faced with completely unpredictable behavior of the roaches in a particular reservoir.

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Personally, I have not once had cases where shallow for reservoir sites instead perch on one or more holes started to bite roach. But I such cases relate to casual, and cool, it could be called a stretch, since the managed to catch a few migratory fish, which bait did not respond. Where they were headed remained unknown.

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Actually the task of the angler to find places where there are roaches, and where it is active and feeds. By the way, Parking places and feeding of the roach can not match.

Fish occasionally, under certain weather conditions and time of day coming out to feed. The rest of the time it is or where it settles or is moved.

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Given the multifactorial nature of the conditions, effective catching roach occupation becomes successful only if the angler from fishing to fishing is engaged in targeted fishing of this particular fish.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

If at the beginning of winter you are still on the first ice has detected the upper edge of the channel, where it begins a very sharp decline in the depth, workers found the hole, which was just above the beginning of the drop off, and today you can count on success.

By the middle of the winter, these holes are still valid, but their number is reduced to one or two. In the wells that are located just half a meter in which the depth differs by two to three centimeters, bites, likely will not. Fish is in them but does not take. The bite is unstable. Roach takes today – gone tomorrow. Few fishing holes you are going to quit.

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I love catching roach on the platform between the two slopes. Fishing starts with the fact that I drilled two dozen holes on this site and are trying to catch.

In the process of fishing reveals the most “cool” holes. On the next fishing trip I’m not touching the “bad” hole, and again filter the remaining half.

In the end, a couple of fishing trips I have two or three working wells.

At the initial stage of the search for good holes roach bite without bait, and reacts as the devil and nymph.

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With the onset of February, the fishing becomes more passive stage, using or jig with bait, or float equipment. And comes the turn of bait in the form of feed bloodworms.

The choice between a float and a snap of the jig is determined each time. It all depends on what water is to fish.

I go fishing, find your work of the hole, clearing them, you get the sounder and see where the fish are. If the device shows that the fish at the bottom, I immediately get a very small feeder, small moth and lure.

You can then apply the tackle, as with a jig and float rig. Interestingly, the day of the roach takes the bait better on the hook, and the next day prefer the jig.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

In my opinion, after all, the jig is preferable because it allows the use of thinner and sensitive snap-in. It does not reduce the mass of the float snap-in, do not use thinner line, but still the inertia of snap will be considerably more than when using the jig.

Besides using the jig you can always play along with the bait. But roach likes it. She is offended by the bait falling to the bottom, then falling or coming off from the bottom, and then plays in the water column.

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The quality of the snap should be very high. Fishing line diameter of 0.07-0.09 mm, microscopic jig in silver or black, ultra-sensitive nod – this is the tackle that will help to achieve success.

If you get tired to go to the same body of water, or roach in a familiar place caught worse and worse, it makes sense to change the water.

Like finding a roach in unknown reservoir in February.

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First, I’m looking for Resetnicov, because they are the pushpins show the location of the channel. The smallest depth under them to the bottom edge. Roach is not here.

Roach starts from the top edge. Very rarely, and then only if you are very lucky, roach, and large may be on the site at the drop off. But to find such a site in the first fishing on an unfamiliar body of water is very problematic. Active roach at these sites at times.

After the detection Resetnicov, you should look for Okoneshnikov, which is very likely revolve around the flooded snags or over the bottom edge of the shore drop off.

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Here, between the first and second and should look for roaches, that is watering.

Start search suggest directly from the upper channel edge, and to move toward the coast.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

As when searching for bream to use the bait only makes sense after the first bite, because the search path can be very long.

Initially I use a small nymph size or urally black with yellow beads.

To predict in advance which part of the run will be biting is not possible. We can only say that it is most likely to find a roach on the top edge with a depth of six meters and around snags with a depth of not less than two meters.

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After the first bite you should think about the tactics of catching. The simplest way is to throw the ball in the hole ball of groundbait, consisting of any composition for cold water, adding a pinch of bloodworms. This can enable the fish if it is under the hole, or as more precisely – spinning in this place.

However, if the roach is relatively large and took baitless bait or the bite was at half depth, then it is highly likely that bait is thrown in vain.

Frankly, if the ball of groundbait is very small, about the size of a cherry, it will not be worse. But if immediately on the head of a fish to plunk the bird feeder with bloodworms, it could cause a negative effect. And the roaches to the bait not coming back, at least today.

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If the bait will have the desired effect, then there are two options.

The first, traditional option is that around the working hole is drilled some more holes, all of them prikarmlivat all the rules. Further tactics of fishing boils down to highlight the work the wells, to find the optimal for this case the tackle and methodically to sh in a selected location.

But there is another approach, which in February more time consuming and complex, but also more profitable.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

Catch in each new hole all the roaches that manage to seduce. Every new hole for doing the same “cool” level. Tactics which in most cases adhere to the fans baitless lures.

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For interest, I have repeatedly compared the efficiency with such tactics jig with bloodworm and bezmetallny bait.

Almost always on bloodworms fish was caught more in number, sometimes two or three times, but the overall weight remained for bezmetallny.

If the February fishing for roach on the reservoir did not seem interesting or difficult, then you can go to the river or flowing lake behind the bleak.


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