Employees of Ford cars will be assembled in the exoskeleton


Сотрудники Ford будут собирать автомобили в экзоскелетах An interesting design will help to reduce worker fatigue.

If you imagine that every day you have to lift the watermelon above his head 4 times 600, is not alone. And not everyone can do it.

But some workers of the Ford plant have to do every day, collecting cars. Such movements quickly lead to fatigue, but can cause injury. Here come to the aid of a new program from Ford on the launch of the production of high-tech suit EksoVest. This “ectile” reduces the risks of worker injury from some movements.

The automaker not only buys exoskeletons for their employees, he is also a partner and improve this project.

Exoskeletons EksoVest helps people to raise their hands and supports them during the work on the head. For example, tightening the screws with a screwdriver, standing under the car. This technology is designed for people growth of 1.57 to 1.93 m and provides a lifting force 2.3-6.8 kg for each hand. Judging by the reviews, workers from the plant, the exoskeleton is much easier physical work. The structure itself weighs 4.3 kg, compact and does not prejudice the movement. Using are pneumatic springs, and no cables or battery.

To implement EksoVest began in 2017 at plants in Wayne and flat rock. On the recommendations of the “pioneers” the design was perfected. Now, the exoskeleton is used at all Assembly plants of Ford.

The factories that produce the Kuga, Explorer, Transit, Fiesta and Ekosport, Ford as part of its program of optimizing production introduced augmented reality glasses. These 3D glasses help you to pick the orders for the pipeline, freeing the operator’s hands and with the tips reduces the human factor to make mistakes. The navigation system tells where and what the components are.

Сотрудники Ford будут собирать автомобили в экзоскелетах


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