Elon Musk has made a bold statement about Tesla


Илон Маск сделал смелое заявление о TeslaElon Musk thinks Tesla brake pads eternal

The founder of Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote in his Twitter account that the cars of the brand “literally never” need replacing the brake pads.

He noted that the most commonly used built-in system of recuperation of braking energy that can not use the traditional hydraulic brake.

A refutation of the words Mask the actual instructions to the vehicles in which it is said that when pad wear published high-frequency squeaking during contact with the calipers. If the car starts to make this sound, you need to contact the service center, otherwise this problem can lead to an emergency situation.

Actually use engine brake is feasible, this protects the pads from wear and tear, but very often motorists use emergency or sudden braking, and, accordingly, the service life of brake pads depends on driving behavior.


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